Campaign of the Month: February 2023

The Domain of Dread Council Meeting

The Meeting of Dreadlords

The Dreadlords first meet and plain to 'restore their power'.

It started with a idea. A group of dark forces each powerful in their own right made their way to The Death House which had recently acquired a new mysterious owner.
Strahd was fashionably late to arrive as always, Vecna on time as a wizards are never late.
The third figure around the table was a newer one, her jet black hair tucked back under a witches hat, eyes bright and a strange rune tattoo’d below her eye.
She was a old friend of sorts to Vecna and recent addition to the group. Her name proceeded her entry ‘Tasha the Dark, Iggwilv the Witch Queen’ a recent addition to Ravenloft.
The other two didn’t know what it was that had caused her to join them in the Mists of Ravenloft, the first rule of the Council was that: it didn’t matter what you did.
What mattered is what you were going to do about it.


A voice shouted out. Vecna, Tasha and Strahd all flinching at the unexpected interruption, it came from right before them yet there was nothing there.
“Ah… you must be the new member?” Tasha asked as she recoverd something of her declorum.
This was why they were there after all, to see if this Darklord, one nobody had seen nor knew the name of was of a level or had knowledge that would be useful to them?
“Yep that’sa me!” The voice was relentlessly cheery, male – maybe? Human – who knew?
There was no body, nothing to give a clue to who it was before them. No scent, no magic.. just a blank place.
“Well then, I guess we should begin…” Tasha started as down the hall a crash rung out.. the sound of someone walking in as a hurry…
Beside her Strahd instinctively turned to mist, Vecna readied a spell.. who knew what kind of tricks this newcomer had up their sleeve?
“Sorry I’m late everyone! I brought Jelly!” a new voice yelled out as from the doorway IT emerged,
Tasha felt the hairs on the back of her neck start to prick, a mote of sweat as before them stood a Tiefling, obviously male for apart from some rags tied about his waist and ‘his best underwears’ and a a bag with a Axe tucked into it.. he was totally naked!
A vampire, a Litch and a Witch… against a single naked Tiefling?… normally it would be a joke but anyone who had read even the most basic lorebooks knew of the name “Daniel Daybringer”. The immortal Tiefling who it was said had defeated Death to become the first and only true immortal.
Tasha wasn’t sure what to do or say as he walked over, a silver platter in his hand sporting a number of clear plastic cups in which red jelly wobbled.
“It’s O-Negative.. I made it myself!” Daniel said with a frendly smile offering it to the sinsister figures around the table.
Tasha could not admit that she was too afraid to refuse “Oh yes.. um thank you.. Daniel is it?” she asked, carefully taking a cup. Who knew what would set him off?
Blood jelly?… Strahd of course refused but Tasha had to raise a eyebrow as Vecna took one of the cups finishing it off in a single gulp “It’s Good..” the whispered one admitted,
This was a rare thing. Even more then Strahd Vecna was a moody one, it was like he just did not understand the concept of fun.
Tasha strugged and tried it herself, it wasn’t bad.. but then again she wasn’t like the others.
“Welcome Daniel, I am so glad you could make it.. I guess we can move on to the matter at hand…?" she said trying to get the meeting started once again.
“I still don’t see why this is even needed” – the usual outburst from Strahd “everything is fine, look at me! BLEH!” Strahd struck his signature pose, cape dramatically spread, hands curled into claws ready to strike.. every bit a classic horror villain.
Tasha sighed.. "Well yes Strahd but you know people just are not all that into Vampires anymore … not since that book… "
“Sparkles…” Vecna added.. a snide edge to his voice.
“I thought it would be a goood idea! Diamond Dust to protect from the sun okay!” Strahd was on the defensive, it wasn’t his fault that he was so attractive that the only people drawn to his castle of late was teen girls who all fled when they found out his name wasn’t Edward.

Some time after the events of Curse of Strahd in Space Strahd von Zarovich and Vecna the Whispered One agreed to a meeting organised by Tasha the Dark (Iggwilv the Witch Queen), a old “friend” of Vecna’s to meet and assess the new Dreadlord of Death House to see if they might form a alliance and find a solution to the general loss of power felt by the ‘older’ Dreadlords of Ravenloft.

Someone… none of the three will admit who invited Daniel Daybringer, a being somewhat feared for being both the first true immortal who was said to be cursed to be ‘immune to death itself’ – but was also famed to be extremally annoying.

However he also brought blood jelly.. which tided over some of the awkwardness.

After some petty banter the new person who was entirely invisible to sight and all attempted magic suggested that they needed to go out and scare people so that they would be feared again.. this seemed a grand idea, and so they agreed to ride out on the morrow to remind the world why they should be feared…

Inspiration Log

Daniel gained 1 point for ‘Blood Jelly’
Strahd gained 1 point for being the reason why Twilight had sparkly vampires
The invisible man, person, thing gains 1 point for a excellent pet talk.
Vecna gains 1 point for discovering that The invisible person is invisible to magic.