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The Domain of Dread Council Meeting

The Fight for Castle Ravenloft - Round 2

Strahd vs Koran with a shocking betrayal from Tasha!

Celebrating his defeat of Assterion, Strahd von Zarovich was moon walking though the halls of his castle, clanking the entire time in his new set of plate armor. Life was good, or was until suddenly he felt a disturbance in the force – the powerful force of divine energy heading straight for him!

Koran having sensed the evil of two beings of darkness had moved to defeat both foes at last – flying at full speed from the top of the castle.
Having abandoned Tasha the Dark (Iggwilv the Witch Queen) at the top of the castle thinking her evil but of little consequence he arrived with divine righteous fury ready to wipe out Strahd once and for all!

Ducking though the gap in the roof made from the still ozzing green glow in the dark goo of a crashed space ship that had eaten though the walls and floor of the room below.

The scent of evil was thick from below as he watched Strahd’s beloved pup succumb to the water-logged zombies from where it had fallen though the rotted though floor.
Evil was near ! – Koran drew his shield and lance, stopping just within the doorstep of the corridor so recently left burned by Strahd in his attempts to clear his castle of the sticky webbing left from generations of giant spiders. – cleansing fire! now that was something he could approve of at least.

Meanwhile Strahd was busy looking at the remains of the egg sacks and former adventures who had been devoured by his pet spiders. He found a few useful items amongst the burnt remains but then found himself cornered by the painful divine light as Koran prepared to attack.

Complaining about the brightness Strahd that the strange sensation of his bones trying to escape as the skeletal remains of Assterion knew what was coming for them!

Strahd tried to escape, flying though the windows before using his Dark Powers to seal them up behind him, on the exterior of Castle Ravenloft he looked down to see his Vampire Cow Minions and Commanded them to come to his aid – the Cows starting to climb the walls as Koran rushed back up though the hole in the roof, quickly spotting the armored form of Strahd it was all too easy to dive-bomb the unlucky vampire – the holy lance burning though the dark with it’s radiant energy – making short form of the body and burning to ash as he neatly skewered the vampire to death.

Assterion felt his bones burn away in the light of the divine, nothing more then dust, turned to dust.. floating on the air, no longer alive, but a mind – for as long as he held a Domain of Dread death could not truly reach him.

Strahd von Zarovich of course had snuck down into the toe of Astterion’s body.. as the lance came down he slipped out, using his vampire speed to run away from the VERY scary Solar.

That’s not to say he was scared of course! He couldn’t help but sneak though a secret doorway, stopping to play a very-bass heavy tune upon his Fully Kitted-Out Battle Organ to make OBVIOUS that he still lived, before venturing deeper into the castle.

Taking the bait Koran had previously glimpsed part of the Organ while investigating the complex series of levers and pullies that had been used to create a ‘illusionary’ Strahd in the dining room. Moving into the room ready to attack he found himself instead looking at the remains of a fight over a long dining table, plates, cutlerly and spoons strewn about the place. Strahd’s Fully Kitted-Out Battle Organ also clearly had seen better days with a entire section of the high notes smashed by a heavy blow and burn marks scorching the fine woodwork.

As Koran examined the Organ it started to play…

Beeeee ourrrrrr Guest!.. Be our Guest!….

The pieces of cutlery once again rose up ready to attack as Strahd von Zarovich released his control over the room once again setting the trap in motion – having learned from Assterion that Koran was a solar Strahd knew he was seriously outmatched and would have to ‘give it his all’ to defeat them.

It seemed to be going well as Koran was subjected to more and more attacks from the animated room as he turned his hate upon Strahd’s organ having figured out that destroying it was ‘key’ to breaking the enchantment – and also rather fun! Pushing his divine energy though it a divine chorus rung out.. while deep below Strahd had crawled his way along the roof sneaking though the barred doors to discover a platoon of Jiff had set up in his Larders of Ill Omen.

Narrowly avoiding being shot by the trigger happy pair of Jiff soldiers Strahd von Zarovich instantly found himself drawn to the solid figure of Captain Adelaide Cholmondeley. Here was a women who didn’t shy away from his gooey exterior – in fact she admitted her wife looked must like him and admitting she had met many Plasmoids before.

While up above Koran was forced to drag Strahd’s heavy dining table over himself for cover to avoid the endless hail of sharp knives and spear tipped spoons Strahd was swapping war stories with Captain Adelaide, before wincing and feeling every blow as his family heirlooms were savagely beaten and Koran continued to lay waste to his favourite organ.

Each blow to the organ pummeled both Castle and Dreadlord, Strahd crying out only to be misunderstood by the Jiff Captain who explained how after his defeat they had worked alongside Assterion, Koran and the other party to capture the bald headed green monster and seal it away – Captain Adelaide was steadfast in knowing that while her troop would die when the Castle was driven into the sun, this was the price of a solider.

“Ah!” Strahd interjected.. before promising that if she joined him in betraying the Solar he could teleport her and her crew to anywhere they wanted!

Strahd looked up at her, his gooey eyes so much like the things that passed for eyes that she had fallen in love with long ago when she met her wife… in her heart she did have some regrets, that her duties took her away from her love, and that if she was to die she would do so without ever seeing them again, ever being able to tou……..

… there was a vibrating notification on her sending stone array..
_… from her wife…_
… she pressed it…
_… it was a picture… of a VERY explicit piece of her wife’s jelly like anatomy_
… at first she though ‘oh, naughty!’ and then she noticed the message was addressed to ‘Zafit!’ – a green Plasmoid who owned the Bar next to her wife’s bakery.

In a moment Strahd watched as this handsome yet strong women who was obviously in love with him turned her face from concern, to shock, to UTTER RAGE, seething quietly with a fury that he knew would spill over the moment he opened his mouth again.

Strahd naturally realised this was not a good time and slipped his way over the doorway… a strange burning sensation as he moved though the crack only to find that the entire room was flooded in holy water – had he gone under the door it would have been a VERY painful experience for the water was leaking down the stairs, running along the floor and deeper into the castle. “Hokay” Strahd abandoned that path heading back into the Giff’s quarters and sneaking though the halls – noting how funny it was that when he ruled the castle he rarely actually spent time exploring these parts – and at first being confused by the sheer amount of destruction and strangeness of having a entire spelljamming ship rammed into his Larder before remembering how he had found it in Barovia and against the express wishes of his wives had insisted he could easily back it into the castle and ‘park it’ without any trouble.

The walls very much disagreed… but having found the ‘engine’ he recalled how the Spelljamming Helm had been carefully wired into the Castle – his dark powers forcing wires and cables to slip though the stonework, turning the entire castle into a ship that could fly to space! All to save his dear Titania!. Slipping though his castle he made his way into the Ship, going against the express warnings of the Giff he found the alien form of a Ultraloth trapped behind a multi-layered forcefield and poised to attack.

Here was something that he could use! Now he just had to get the creature on side!

Meanwhile back up in the Dining Room Koran had well and truly asserted his dominance over the room, drawing upon his Dark Powers he took control of the animated objects and set them to attack the Organ. Enjoying every moment as he systematically destroyed everything of value in the room… victory was his…

.. and in that moment the entire Castle started to move… a ‘Thum’ as the Spelljamming engines kicked into high gear as far above at the top of the tower Tasha the Dark (Iggwilv the Witch Queen) sat upon the throne built by Strahd, the Spelljamming helm slipped over her witches hat as she directed the Castle to set a new course.

Fury! Betrayal!

Koran had made the mistake of leaving the Helm unguarded – so focused was he on wiping out evil that he had underestimated the sly witch!

As Strahd tried to reason with the Mad Ultraloth Koran completed his work to root out all evil in Strahd’s dining room before realising that Castle Ravenloft was moving away from the black hole – his mission ruined by that little witch!

Worse, ducking though the roof he emerged to see a arcane ward placed over the Spelljamming Helm, his True Name written into the spell and a circle cast specifically against him. It was only then that he realised that in spelling out his name he had given it to her…and nothing short of a Divine Intervention would be able to break it.

Weary of what effect the spell might have upon him Koran raged at Tasha, asking her what her intentions where Tasha explained that she rather liked the idea of turning the Castle into a School, admitting for the first time that she was not flying the Castle back to Barovia, no – she was taking it to HER domain instead!

Koran alas was not a big fan of the idea of a school for Witches and Wizards.. realising he could not pass though her arcane wards he went beneath.. finding the remains of the other 3 hags he had killed many moons ago – a small smile before he set to work trying to command the Castle to DESTROY ITSELF to rip open a hole under the Spelljamming Helm so that he might take command of it from beneath.

Now this, might have been a solid idea, but Koran felt a force resisting his will.. while Castle Ravenloft was always a bit alive – the tower he stood on was VERY MUCH ALIVE, and like all things acted first upon it’s self-preservation.

As he tried to will the Castle to his bidding far below Strahd von Zarovich too had felt the shift in the Castle’s direction. Unaware of who was driving he could not handle the thought of anyone but him having control over the castle and so remembering the way he and his wives had wired it into the console of the spaceship he was on it was all too easy to cut the wires!

In the process realising that his mission had been doomed from the start – for while his wives where brilliant, they also HATED the idea of going off to rescue Titania! It was amazing the ship had gotten as far as it did in light that neither Strahd nor his wives were Artificers or had ever worked on a Spelljamming ship before!

Far above Tasha found the helm suddenly go dark.


She cursed as back in the Larders of Ill Omen Strahd found himself looking at a mess of wires thinking that now the Castle would stop.

… forgetting that when he first flew the ship that it was not how Spelljamming ships work…destroying the helm does nothing more then destroy the driving wheel of a car already going 100mph!

Rocketing though space, lost in the Mists… what will happen next? In Revenge of Strahd in Space….

Inspiration Log

Strahd : Lost 1 point using ‘Dark Powers’ to seal all the windows on the ground floor of Castle Ravenloft
Strahd: Lost 1 point using ‘Dark Powers’ to command the chandeliers to attack Koran
Strahd: Lost 2 points on rerolls to try and convince Captain Adelaide Cholmondeley to side with him.
Reroll #1 replaced a 2 with a NAT 1, reroll #2 replaced the NAT 1 with a 2 – it appears that the fates really had it in for Strahd that night!
Koran: Lost 1 point using ‘Dark Powers’ to gain control of the animated objects and command them to destroy Strahd’s Fully Kitted-Out Battle Organ
Koran: Lost 1 point using ‘Dark Powers’ to try and tell the Tower to destroy itself – the Tower (Which.. according to the sourcebook WAS ALIVE) refused..
Koran: Gains 1 point for going the extra mile to ensure Strahd’s Fully Kitted-Out Battle Organ was utterly destroyed.
Koran: Gains 1 point for defeating Assterion.
Strahd: Gains 1 point for figuring out that you could simply cut the wires to force someone to unattune the Spelljamming Helm
Assertion: Gains 1 point for hanging around to be a good sport after death