Campaign of the Month: February 2023

The Domain of Dread Council Meeting

The Ashen Wastes

Arrival in Cavitius

It is silent, so different to the endless clatter and ear-splitting of screams and twisting metal you just came from.
At first you think it’s still the mist churning, but in time you notice a change in the air, it gets thicker, hotter and smellier with clear notes of sulfur and rotten eggs… with it comes what at first seems to be rain but soon the air is thick and at first you think it’s snowing…but it’s flecks of grey ash blending into a ashen sky too opaque to tell if it is day or night. to the (left) EAST and right (WEST) a deep red glow illuminates the horizon.
Both of you feel a sense of pressure here – Strahd as a gas you notice immediately that the air feels thick – as if it is forcing you down.. and like the ash you mist form struggles against the weight above to keep lift. Where before you felt light here it is as if you are swimming though mud. (DIFFICULT TERRAIN).
Vecna you also feel this but as the mist clears you feel something more powerful – recollection.

You know this place. you know that telltale scent and that the ash that falls like black snow is of the Burning Peaks, the series of Volcano’s, sharp like pointed teeth that for eternity has been as much a nemesis to you as KAS – your most hated rival who’s domain is just beyond it’s peaks.

You are in the ashen wastes… a place of death where the land itself saps the life force of any living thing that is misfortunate enough to venture into it’s endlessly shifting dunes littered with the remains of eldritch machines and the fallen armies from aeons of attempts to invade and battles to hold off the aggressors.

So it’s a good thing that all of you are undead right? ( All eyes turn to Tasha the Dark (Iggwilv the Witch Queen), the only ‘living’ member of the party )

“You”, and only you here a voice coiling though your mind “Vecna, what brings you back here?” you know this voice, it was the voice that taught you the forbidden magics, the whisper in your ear that told the secrets. You know him as The Serpent

Inspiration Log

Vecna loses 1 point to use Dark Powers to summon a very cool black and white horse drawn carriage – entirely made of BONES and drawn by skeleton horses
Strahd gains 1 point for Sir Boneslaot


Nice description!

The Ashen Wastes