Campaign of the Month: February 2023

The Domain of Dread Council Meeting

Defeat of Vecna

Vecna... defeated by Friendship?

Betrayed by his high priest Vecna the Whispered One at last entered Citadel Cavitius to face Kas, who was assumed to have taken over the domain (being of course his long enemy) .

While Strahd von Zarovich, Tasha the Dark (Iggwilv the Witch Queen) and Original Daniel Daybringer looked down from above Vecna the Whispered One found a bustle of activity as a bunch of copies of the same yellow haired female Litch where working over a map of the Domain, chalkboards and books everywhere as they tried to work out a means to protect the domain from being sucked into the black hole.

In a shocking betrayal of Strahd von Zarovich and everything that it meant to be a BBEG Vecna chose friendship.. meeting his Apprentice Alberta of Athas (Drowberta) for the first time he hugged her and worked with her to finally perfect a plan to encase the remains of Cavitius within a great sphere of force.

Discovering that The Black Hole bearing down was none other then The Serpent who had tricked both of them the pair merged their powers to cast the great spell unaware that in the process they had trapped Daniel in with them.


Escaping just in the nick of time was Strahd von Zarovich who along with Tasha the Dark (Iggwilv the Witch Queen) plan to Spelljam their way to Ravenloft Castle last seen flying towards the sun at the end of the events of Curse of Strahd in Space.

Strahd von Zarovich plans to use the Spelljamming Helm to escape the doomed domain once and for all.

Tasha the Dark (Iggwilv the Witch Queen) knowing her life was drawing short and unable to find Original Daniel Daybringer tried to charm Strahd into bringing her home, but it failed and he again insisted that the solution would be easy – to turn her into a vampire!

Tasha refused and the two continued to argue as they drifted though space, narrowly avoiding a huge gaping worm (not at all stolen from Star Wars) before reaching sight of Castle Ravenloft.

Inspiration Log

Vecna gains 1 for “solving” the chalkboard maths problem of how to save his domain
Vecna gains 1 for the shocking betrayal of choosing Friendship over Revenge – could it be… character growth?
Strahd gains 1 for totally ruining Vecna’s happy moment by dropping a Fireball on Vecna – instantly killing most of the Drowberta’s in the room with him and exposing them to be Similacrums.
Vecna loses 50% of all inspiration points using Dark Powers to create the Great Bubble around the remains of Cavitius trapping himself, Original Daniel Daybringer and Alberta of Athas (Drowberta) inside.
Vecna Levels Up by becoming the co-Dreadlord of Cavitius! – Now Level 18

Vecna has been defeated by his own hand (and friendship) !

A most unexpected ending to a founding member of The Council of Dread.