Campaign of the Month: February 2023

The Domain of Dread Council Meeting

Daniel's Choice

Daniel wanders into The Carnival of Dread

Daniel in your darkest moment you feel something strike you in the face.. it’s a piece of paper.. bright in the darkness, printed in letters across the top is a single word: ‘Carnival’.

the mist starts to clear before you is two paths – to the left a forest where you can just see the shape of paper hanging from trees as a regular distance… it’s too far to see the writing on them but they glow in the darkness in colours of blue, green, pink, yellow and orange.

The other path is narrower with just a faint red glow beckoning you to go forward.

To one path you have a sense of familiarity, to the other a sense of power.. some means to revenge the wrong that has befallen you.

You turn away from the narrow path, turning towards the lights
Here you see motes of coloured lights.. like fireflies dancing around you and the trees.. first one, then two.. in blue, red, pink, green.. here and there between the trees you see more fliers and as you carry on a sense of calm seeps in with the constant slow song of a warm winter night.

In time shadows start to emerge, sounds of talk and even laughter, the smell of freshly baked food, as you emerge out of the dark, into the light to see people of all kinds dancing, singing and getting along..
you know where you are, you’ve returned to The Carnival of Dread