Campaign of the Month: February 2023

The Domain of Dread Council Meeting

Curse of Strahd in Spaaaaace!

How Strahd 'lost' his Castle

A wizard named Mordenkainen, recently cured of a madness that afflicted him while he was trapped within Strahd’s domain, has chosen to protect the balance of power in Barovia by hiding Ireena Kolyana—at her request—on his home world of Oerth. Mordenkainen was reluctant to interfere, but Ireena’s steely determination persuaded him.

Infuriated by his “beloved” being stolen from him, the cruel and possessive vampire lord Strahd von Zarovich has spent years searching for a way to claim her again. Suddenly, it seemed as though fate delivered him a boon. Strahd’s minions salvaged a spelljamming helm from a crashed spelljammer at the edges of Barovia, and after much experimentation, Strahd managed to integrate it with his castle. He has discovered Ireena’s locations through divinations, and he is now prepared to go on his greatest quest yet—cross the darkness between the stars and steal Ireena once and for all.
Strahd must Die – in Space!

However Strahd‘s evil plan was stopped by a party of adventurers, a angelic paladin, a goblin named ’Fling Fling’, a bugbear vampire slayer, a vampire turncloak and found himself netted, staked and doused in holy water.

Defeated Strahd not only lost control of his castle, which was piloted towards the sun but was forced to reform back in Barovia… with only a great hole where Castle Ravenloft once stood.


Where are my royalties?

Curse of Strahd in Spaaaaace!

I dub thee… King Greengrass! kneel’s before thee’

Curse of Strahd in Spaaaaace!