The Rule of UNcool

We’ve all heard of the Rule of Cool.

Basically – sometimes players come up with a idea that is so amazing that the DM is like – OMG YES!

In these cases the DM might decide to ‘fudge’ things a little to push events in their favour, adjusting a rule or even inspiring new rules to be created on the spot.

But what happens if a player or DM uses the rules EXACTLY as written, but in a manner that intentionally or unintentionally bullies, harass or make another PLAYERS life miserable?

That is where the rule of UNcool comes in!

Many abilities and spells in DND are not designed for player vs player! As a result it’s far too easy for players to force someone else character to do things against their will (Suggestion), or take away a players choices or ability to take part in the game (eg. though Banishing or Killing another player).

If it’s clear that PvP has gone from ‘character vs character’ to Player vs Player the DM has the right to call on the rule of UNcool where a ability, spell or rule is being abused to punish, bully or otherwise create a unfair situation between one player and other.

The DM will use the Rule of UNcool to change the rules in PVP situations to be more fair to a non-consenting players.

This may mean adding a saving throw to spells that otherwise may not have one when used in PvP – eg. Feign Death or other small ‘tweaks’ to the rules to improve the balance.

Players can also use the Rule of UNcool if they feel that they or someone else is being bullied or is subject to a non-consensual rule that they feel is unfair.
All you need to do is clearly state: “This is UNcool’” to notify the DM that there is a problem.

The DM may need to check in with the player in private to find out what the problem is and if they agree they can then take steps to sort it out.

As after all while it’s totally fine for CHARACTERS to fight one another to the death, it’s important to remember the Players and DM are all part of the same team in working with the Dark Powers to ensure the Dreadlords are properly punished for their sins.

The Rule of UNcool

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