The Endless Fall - Elements of Dread - Acrophobia

The oldest of the Elements of Dread cluster, it’s said to have come about from the first creature that learned the hard way that not all creatures can fly.

The simpliest of the Domains it is a endless pit of infinate width and infinate depth. Most of the souls trapped into the fall are ones who died of terror from accidents, maybe they forgot to cast feather fall at just the right moment, or polymorphed into a kenku thinking they could fly.

Regardless the fall is infinate, with nothing to grab hold on, no landmarks they are trapped forever in the moment of falling. Never reaching the bottom the only relief is to pass out and then awake… still falling.

Strahd von Zarovich found himself in this Domain in Session 1 but didn’t have much to fear being that he could fly – in fact he considers it a excellent place for quick meal.

The Endless Fall - Elements of Dread - Acrophobia

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