The Elements of Dread Cluster

The Ravenloft equivalent of the Elemental Planes consist of a cluster of parasitic microdomains, each a single fear in it’s most purest essence.

Some are as small as a single room, others are may be as large as a small Domain.
It’s unclear if new domains are born of the cluster or if the cluster came after and feeds off of specific kinds of Domains of Dread slowly warping it with it’s influence.

The Party visited 3 of these in the first session.

Acrophobia: The Endless Fall (Fear of Falling)
The simplest and oldest of the elemental dreads, it’s said to have come about from the first creature that learned the hard way that not all creatures can fly.

The oldest of the Domains it is a endless pit of infinite width and infinite depth. Most of the souls trapped into the fall are ones who died of terror from accidents, maybe they forgot to cast feather fall at just the right moment, or polymorphed into a kenku thinking they could fly.

Regardless the fall is infinite, with nothing to grab hold on, no landmarks they are trapped forever in the moment of falling. Never reaching the bottom the only relief is to pass out and then awake… still falling.

Pupaphobia : Muppetland (Fear of Puppets)
Dreadlord: “Happy Chappy” – a Eldrich Horror in the form of a hand puppet who will offer the travellers a way out in return for a deal to return his lost love Lufe’
Here the PC’s are instantly turned into puppet versions (aka Muppets), the Domain appears to be a small village but every, single, creature is a puppet. It’s basically being stuck in The Muppets.
While everything looks ideal as characters spend time they slowly start to come unthreaded and must hurry to escape before the time runs out.

Pogonophobia: The Hairy Inn (Fear of Beards)
Dreadlord: The Clean Shaven Elf
On arriving from the mists everyone suddenly sprouts the MOST MAGNIFICENT BEARD. (regardless of gender/race or logic). If a character already has a beard it goes from a 5 to a 11. Nearby is a welcoming Inn, a warm port in the gloom and indeed the people inside are jolly, almost all dwarven (but then again it’s hard to tell) and every, single, one is also sporting the most amazing beards. As a DM a lot of time is given into describing how lovely the beards are, WIZ saves are needed to avoid falling into being entranced to stroke, braid, caress, and lavish their beards and that of each others – each of the party b eliving theirs is of course the best!

Under one of the tables were they to investigate they will find a blond haired elf curled in a ball and crying to himself. He too of course has a beard. He appears to be a ranger and will scream and tear at his beard.. but it just keeps growing back!

This is a clue, the party are safe to stay as long as they want, drinks are plentiful but over time they may learn that they are illusionary making it impossible to get drunk as they remain the beard talk gets more intense.. describe it almost in a manner that crosses the line into bad erotica. Get into it because of course there is only one way out of this realm – they must CUT OFF THEIR BEARD. Nothing else will work. If they fireball the taven the flames will cause chaos but the Taven itself will not burn.

The Elements of Dread Cluster

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