The Council of Dread

The Original Council of Dread:

Strahd.jpg Vecna.jpg Tasha.jpg Daniel.jpg TIB.jpg
Name: Strahd von Zarovich Vecna the Whispered One Tasha the Dark (DMPC) Daniel Daybringer The Invisible Man?? Thing?? Person??
Domain : Dreadlord of Barovia Dreadlord of Cavitius Dreadlord of Strangerville Dreadlord of The Domain of Awesome Dreadlord of Death House
Status: Fighting over Castle Ravenloft Trapped in Cavitus with Strahd On Side Quest: Daniel’s Choice Last seen with Strahd

Daniel’s Choice – Side Quest!

The party split after the events of End of the Line. Strahd, Tasha, TIB and Vecna travelled to Cavitius, while Daniel went on a different adventure with a new bunch of misfits.

Daniel-cyber.jpg molly.jpg vernen.jpg shadow.jpg ben.jpg
Daniel Daybringer Mollymauk Tealeaf Verdan Crowle Dreadlord of Shadows? Valrick Human

Characters from Revenge of Strahd in Space

With Vecna and Daniel no longer with him Strahd found himself facing some new threats when trying to get back his castle!

Assterion.jpg Koran.jpg
Name: Assterion Koran
Domain: Dreadlord of the middle floors of Castle Ravenloft Dreadlord of the Upper floors of Castle Ravenloft
Status Killed by Strahd von Zarovich and Koran Fighting Tasha

Important NPCs (in order of appearance)

happychappy.jpg hive.jpg Queen-Dannel.jpg isolde.jpg serpent.jpg drowberta.jpg
Happy Chappy The Hive Queen Dannel of Cyre Madam Isolde ‘Boss of the Carnival’ The Serpent Alberta of Athas (Drowberta)
Dreadlord of Muppetland Dreadlord of Timor Ex-Dreadlord of Cyre-1313 Mistress of The Carnival of Dread A Sentient Black Hole hell bent on consuming all life Co-Dreadlord of Cavitius
Strahd von Zarovich made a pact to bring him a elf called L’ufe in return for safe passage though his domain Was under the control of Tasha but are now free. The party escaped thanks to Daniel but they are likely to have survived Barely survived the attack from Strahd she was rescued by Norran after the events of End of the Line and found refuge at The Carnival of Dread Isolde provided refuge to Daniel but when Verdan Crowle broke the rules by harming a visitor Daniel learned that Isolde has been on the hunt for The Invisible Man?? Thing?? Person?? for a very long time, and agreed to aid her in tracking him down The Serpent dates back to the earliest days of the DND multiverse having first taught Vecna the Whispered One the ways of necromancy and guiding him on his path to godhood.

However Vecna learned that he had been betrayed, for when Vecna failed the Serpent turned it’s attention to his apprentice Alberta of Athas (Drowberta) and both where tricked into opening a portal into Ravenloft where it might feed upon Domains of Dread.

So far Vecna and the Drowberta have teamed up to stop it consuming Cavitius but only time will see if there’s a way to defeat it once and for all.
Originally a similacrum of Alberta ‘Banana’ a long time pen-friend of Vecna the ‘reshaping’ allowed her to fulfil her dreams to become a Litch, only to be tricked by The Serpent into opening a portal into the Negative Energy Plane leading her to be trapped in the ruins of Vecna’s abandoned domain of Cavitius.

She rose to power using magic to protect the city and becoming the main Dreadlord until Vecna’s return.

Surprisingly Vecna chose to share power and to remain behind to help her cast a great spell to protect Cavitius – at a cost of trapping them inside forever.

Important NPCs – not yet appeared in the game

tatania.jpg KAS.jpg
Ireena Kolyana aka Tatyana Kas the Bloody-Handed
The women cursed to be the object of Strah’d affection Dreadlord of Tovag
Strahd has a unhealthy obsession with Tatyana and believes her to be his true love.
She disagrees which is why she had Mordenkainen aid her in fleeing Ravenloft once and for all!
Kas is the nemsis of Vecna the Whispered One.

The party where convinced that he was behind the takeover of Cavitius but while they found his logo upon the long-dead remains of Sir Bonesalot the real Kas remains elusive.

The Council of Dread

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