The Domain of Dread ruled by Tasha appears to be a idealised suburban American town seeped in nostalgia.

The party first arrived on the edge of Strangerville before moving into Timor which had been turned on it’s side to form the local High School. The forces of the domain visually transforms the appearance of the characters into ones that would fit into a game of ‘Tales of the Loop’ swapping scifi for psychological horror and ‘teen drama’.

While the High School is infected with Nothics the main suburbs appear to consist of human adults who appear unable to notice anything strange or horrific going on around them.

This leaves the ‘children’ alone to solve whatever problems or horrors that come their way.

Underneath the town is a flooded sewer system perfectly mirroring the world above. This ‘upside down world’ is home to transparent monsters that resemble Aboleths and use potent suggestions to lure their victims into the sewers where they might never return again.


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