Ravenloft aka The Domains of Dread

The Domains of Dread – collectively known as Ravenloft after the most famous location within them are a unknown number of mysterious demiplanes that exist somewhere around the intersection of the Plane of Shadow, Negative Energy Plane and the Deep Ethereal.

Nobody knows who creates them, nor who controls them – people speak of ‘The Dark Powers’ but more to put a ‘name’ to something that simply is…
What is known is that each Domain appears a whole world onto itself, each ruled by own or more powerful entities cursed to live out their existence with in the confines of the reality bordered by the endless black mist that separates one domain from another.

What is most eery about the Domains of Ravenloft is that there’s a sense of both real and unreal, the mix of nightmare logic where time, space and reality feels malleable – yet at the same time the horror and fear is all too real.

Occasionally the Dark Powers will transport adventures into the mist, some will be returned on the completion of a quest while others are doomed to die to the horrors within.


It’s not known the how or why of this, but what is more clear is that every so often when a being does something so offensive that no punishment in the outer planes would suffice they are dragged into the dark mists of Ravenloft… often with innocent bystanders right along with them!

Locked away where their influence is limited to only the small pocket domain where they have all the power they could wish for – but are also set to distraction by a unique torture specifically born of their own behavior.

Is it a new game of The Dark Powers that has lead to Dreadlords now being free to move from one Domain to the Other?

Or is it the side effects of the Great Remaking that promised to make the world ‘The Same but Better?’ – this is unknown.

This is why the campaign is called the #RavenloftRemix – for it is a world both new and old.. both familiar and strange.. that combines lore and events across all of the Dungeons and Dragons history to weave a all new story of horror featuring a all-star cast of BBEG’s trying to survive the mess of their own making.

Ravenloft aka The Domains of Dread

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