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Prior to the start of the campaign a change occurred across the entire Dungeons and Dragons Multiverse in which the whole universe was reformed after a planemeld to be ‘the same but better’.

Unaware to the Adventurers the effects where felt far and wide, in the mists of Ravenloft.. bordering between the Ethereal Plane and Shadowfell where ideas shape reality here too changes occurred.

Barriers between Domains that previously trapped the Dreadlords within their own personal hell started to weaken.. and then break..

Old domains twisted into new shapes while new domains grew in response to new fears emerging.

To some this provided opportunity, to others relief, Dreadlords for the first time could leave their domain… but to do so carried it’s own risk..
Because in Ravenloft fear is power.. and to leave your domain opens it up for someone else to step into your place.

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SPELL: Know Alignment Level 2 Cleric, Druid

The Original Council of Dread

Strahd von Zarovich Tasha the Dark (Iggwilv the Witch Queen) Vecna the Whispered One The Invisible Person Daniel Daybringer

The New Dreadlords

Dreadlord of Shadows? Assterion Koran

Party Pets/Summons:

Name What is it Owner Source Status
Bruce Bull Daniel Daybringer Daniel promised to free Bruce during the events of Cyre-1313, alas he did not succeed RIP (Rest in Pieces)
Sir Bonesalot Vampire Skeleton Strahd Raise Dead cast on Vampire Skeleton found in The Ashen Wastes RIP
Who cares? Zombie Horde Vecna the Whispered One Vecna also has Raise Dead and used it to create a zombie horde using his Necromancer skills RIP
Good Boys Shadow Wolves Strahd Strahd has the ability to summon a Pack of Shadow Wolves Regenerates each time
Assterion Vampire Skeleton Strahd Raise Dead cast on the remains of Assterion after Strahd killed him RIP
Milly and Molly Vampire Cows Strahd Two Vampire Cows that survived the initial fight at Ravenloft Castle and now under Strahd’s command UN-dead and loving it!
Bill and Ted Pair o’ Llama’s Dunena Ried These Llamas seem to follow Dunena around and follow his every command Trippin’ in Ravenloft Castle

Adventurers who have Joined the Party on Side Quests

Original Daniel Daybringer Verdan Crowle Mollymauk Tealeaf Dunena Ried

Known Domains of Dread

Number Name Dreadlord Percent explored/complete Session Visited Adventure Log Entries Themes Genre
1: Castle Ravenloft Assterion and Koran 10% /100% Should be part of Barovia but was set adrift prior to start of campaign, Visited in Session 0, XX-XX Features in Curse of Strahd in Spaaaaace!, Defeat of Vecna , Revenge of Strahd in Space, The Fight for Castle Ravenloft – Round 1, The Fight for Castle Ravenloft – Round 2 "Classic horror tropes, Fight b/w good and evil and videogame cliche’s Comedic Horror / Deathmatch
2: Death House The Invisible Man?? Thing?? Person?? 1%/100% – Visited in Session 1 Featured in The Meeting of Dreadlords Haunting Comedic Horror
3: Barovia Strahd von Zarovich 1%/0% – Castle Ravenloft is no longer part of Barovia – see 1, Barovia is yet be visited Mentioned in The Meeting of Dreadlords Catching the ‘Ghost Train’ Vampires/Unhealthy Relationships Gothic Horror
4: The Domain of Awesome Daniel Daybringer 0%/1% Not yet Visited Mentioned in The Meeting of Dreadlords Unknown
5: The Elements of Dread Cluster Various – see 6, 7, 8 10%/100% Visited In Session 1 Features in Lost in the Mists Phobias Psychological Horror
6: The Endless Fall – Elements of Dread – Acrophobia None? 100%/100% Visited in Session 1 Visited in Lost in the Mists Existential Dread Psychological Horror
7: Muppetland – Elements of Dread – Pupaphobia The Bearded Elf 10%/100% Visited in Session 1 Features in Lost in the Mists Phobia/Loss of Control Body Horror/Eldritch Horror
8: The Hairy Inn The Bearded Elf 90%/100% Visited In Session 1 Featured in Lost in the Mists Obsession/vanity Psychological Horror/Really..really bad Erotica
9: Timor The Hive 10%/90% Visited in Session 2 Features in Teen Drama! Bullying/Creeping Dread Teen Horror
10: Strangerville Tasha the Dark (Iggwilv the Witch Queen) 20%/10% Visited in Session 1-2 Features in Teen Drama!, The Beast Below, Meet the Parents, Why every party needs a healer Nostalgia/Loss of Innocence Psychological Horror/Dark Fantasy
11: Cyre-1313 The Mourning Rail Queen Dannel of Cyre and Norran d’Cannith 50%/10% Visited in Session 3-5 Features in Why every party needs a healer, Catching the ‘Ghost Train’, 999 Carts Long, Love and Monsters, Man vs Machine, First Class Upgrades, End of the Line Cold War Paranoia with Robots and AI Post-Apocalypse / War / Scifi
12: Cavitius Vecna the Whispered One 80%/100% Visited in Session 7, 9-11: Featured in The Ashen Wastes, A Matter of Time, Defeat of Vecna Undead / “End of the World” / Dark Sun if it was like.. even MORE dark/inhospitable? Disaster Horror IN SPAACE!
13: The Carnival of Dread Madam Isolde ‘Boss of the Carnival’ 50%/10% Visited in Session 8 Features in Daniel’s Choice Recovery, Hope and Acceptance of Differences Dark Fantasy
14: The Place of Shadows Dreadlord of Shadows? 0%/5% Visited in Session 8 Features in A Game of Shadows Darkness/Jump Scares Eldritch Horror
15: Tovag Kas the Bloody-Handed – 0%/1% – Yet to be visited Mentioned in The Ashen Wastes Vampire-Nazi’s?!? Unknown

Notable NPCs/PC’s

Enemies of Strahd:
| Ireena Kolyana | Queen Dannel of Cyre | Norran d’Cannith | Assterion | Koran |Captain Adelaide Cholmondeley |

Allies of Strahd:
| Sir Bonesalot | Good Boys – aka Strahd’s Pack of Wolves | Augustus Ivor | DarFunkus |

Enemies of Vecna:
|Kas the Bloody-Handed | Vocar the Observant | The Serpent |

Allies of Venca:
| Alberta of Athas (Drowberta) | Norm | Vocar the Observant ?? |

Enemies of The Invisible Man?? Thing?? Person??:
Madam Isolde ‘Boss of the Carnival’

Enemies of Tasha the Dark (Iggwilv the Witch Queen)
| Koran | Most of the upper/lower planes? |

Enemies of Daniel Daybringer
| Alberta of Athas (Drowberta) |

Allies of Daniel:
| Bruce | Madam Isolde ‘Boss of the Carnival’ | Alberta ‘Banana’ Banathantis | Amelia ‘the vampiress’ | DarFunkus |
| Mollymauk Tealeaf | Norm | Verdan Crowle | Queen Dannel of Cyre |

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