Inspiration Rules

Vecna looked out onto the grey waste, a great ‘crack’ and tremble was felt as emerging from the ground a carriage – drawn by skeletal horses and made entirely of bones in gothic black and white dragged itself out of the ground, fully kitted out and ready to do it’s masters bidding…
Example of Vecna using a point of inspiration.

I love inspiration! Unlike a regular game you can ‘stack’ inspiration to use later either to re-roll a dice or if your character is a Dreadlord you can save them to use your Dark Powers

Dread Powers:
If you are a Dreadlord and within a Domain of Dread you can burn points of Inspiration to attempt to call upon the Dark Power you have built up over the course of the adventure to shape reality to your will.

To ‘exert control’ over a domain you can do this by doing a skill check – if your control is strong enough your will is done.
If not the power of the effect will be scaled down to the ‘level’ of control you have in that moment.

The limit to what you can do with this power is set by two factors:
1. How good is your control over this domain?

The factors controlling this are:

  • Is this your domain or are there other Dreadlords currently in control of all or part of it?
  • How long have you had control over it?

2. How ‘powerful’ you are in the moment – This is set by your current character level.

The basic use of Dread Powers is to duplicate any other spell of 9th level or lower.
You don’t need to meet any requirements in that spell, including costly Components.

Alternatively, you can create one of the following known effects of your choice:

  • You create objects or creatures of up to 25,000,000 gp in total value – This can include magic items and creatures!
    They can be no more than 3,000 feet in any dimension, and it emerges in an unoccupied space you can see on the ground.
  • You can alter the physical appearance and features of up to 10 creatures as if under the Seeming Spell while they are within your domain and increase/decrease their size by 1 – all other stats remain the same.

Remember – Inspiration is like candy – while I give it out it’s the players responsibility to keep track of how much you have and decide if you want to eat it all at once, or save it for a rainy day :)

Inspiration Rules

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