Copywrite - Legal Notices

The Ravenloft Remix is a fan project to create a all-new-all-different Ravenloft by drawing together the best bits of the original 2nd edition material, VRG2R and tossing in a whole lot of horror, fantasy and scifi into the blender to create a story.

  • All references to copywritered material from Dungeons and Dragons are used under the WOTC Fan Content Policy
  • Everything else is used under the fair-use:Parody and is just for fun/home use
  • If you are not a player but want to see ‘behind the screen’ send me a message and I’ll be happy to share the secrets of the campaign

Behind the scenes notes:

  • The Council of Dread is inspired in part by the fantastic Escape from the Bloodkeep by Dimension 20 – who showed that you could run a high level evil game – and make it a lot of fun!
  • It’s also inspired by the fabulous Dracula Dead and Loving it! and What We Do in the Shadows
  • All artwork is not mine, if you wish to use it please ask and I will find you the original sources.
  • Custom CSS/Code was 100% hand written by elMuggs

Copywrite - Legal Notices

The Domain of Dread Council Meeting ElMuggs