Comedic Timing

Sometimes something happens during combat that a character wants to play off but it’s not their turn!

Often it’s funny, and perfectly in keeping with the character and so I’d like to say YES.

But, at the same time it can be a problem during combat or initiative in confusing things or when a player is wanting to do multiple things during other people’s turns – so there needs to be a limit to home many YES ANDs you can do in a single round.

So to solve this once and for all lets introduce Comedic Timing!

Each PLAYER gets one comedic reaction per round that can be used to provide a comedic response to something another creature has done.

Comedic Reactions can be used to Talk, drop, touch etc. in a manner that is funny and flavourful roleplay but doesn’t provide any real mechanical benefits – for those you need to use a real Reaction ability like Cutting Words or Counterspell.

The only real limit to what you can get up to is the fact that it must be something your character can pull of in a couple of seconds without interrupting the flow of combat!

E.G. if your character narrowly misses being shot by a arrow, you might like to use your Comedic Reaction to turn around and point at where the arrow should have gone and go ‘HA, you Missed!’.
This won’t do anything mechanically apart from the fact that the person who shot at you will probably try EXTRA HARD next time.

As a bonus if a player REALLY wants to have a second moment of comedy, this can be done at the cost of using the characters reaction for that round.

The Second part of Comedic Timing is a reminder that when it comes to your characters turn FLAVOUR IS A FREE!

As long as it makes sense to your character and doesn’t change anything mechanically there’s really no difference between casting the spell Fireball and have it look like a ball of fire.. or taking out a bottle labelled ‘Fireball’ drinking it and burping a ball of flame.

As long as your not using a ACTUAL potion item and the damage is the same it’s all good.

Comedic Timing

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