Character Creation

Creating a Dreadlord is a little different to making a normal character as ‘with great power, comes a little extra responsibility!’
You can pick a existing Dreadlord to rule over a existing Domain, or with permission pick a BBEG (Boss Monster/NPC) of CR 15-35 and convert them into a Character of Level 20.

OR for ultimate power create a brand new Dreadlord to rule over a Domain of your own design!
Your character should fit a ‘theme’ of dread and you will also be deciding what their domain consists of – eg. Straud is Vampires, Vecna the Undead.

When replicating a existing Dreadlord or Monster any HP, and Stats will be set by the statblock (use the overwrite ability in DNDBeyond to do this).
Any ASI’s from your class/race can instead be used on Feats to help replicate the powers you have at your disposal.

UA/Homebrew/Wonky weird stuff is all good here, you guys are demigods basically so balance is kind of not the main point of the game :P

STARTING EQUIPMENT: As a BBEG you of course have collected quite a few powerful items over your time.

If you have a unique homebrew or abilities you wish your character to have please pass it to me in discord and we can work to ‘make it happen’ and translate it to dndbeyond – noting all items should make sense for your character and any ‘unique’ items (eg the Sword of Kas) will need DM approval to ensure that they are not already in use somewhere else.

Maximum starting equipment:
2 Artifacts
2 Legendary
3 Very Rare
4 Rare
10 Uncommon
Attunement Limits still apply – however for a Dreadlord it only takes 1 minute to reattune to a item.

Once you have your Level 20 character use the DNDBeyond option to COPY the character so that you can adjust their character sheet to the correct level for this point in the game – currently Level 17

Character Creation

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