To the West the chain of Vocano’s light up the horizon in a dim red glow the pointed tips like a row of teeth. pump out lava and the warring forces of Kas try endlessly to send missiles/warriors and their armies the grey waste to invade. To the east a second glow, low on the horizon tells of the slow creeping horror that comes for all trapped within the domain – for Cavitius is a domain without a sun. The glow instead being the ring of a a black hole slowly consuming the abandoned domain bit by bit while baking the landscape in Necrotic energy sapping all life and hope for those foolish enough to venture into the doomed domain, .

Cavitius was the domain of Vecna the Whispered One and is now a ‘contested’ domain between Vecna, The Serpent consuming it and Alberta of Athas (Drowberta)

Having been abandoned long ago when Vecna escaped to become a God it is slowly being consumed by The Serpent who has formed a black hole around a portal to the Plane of Negative Energy that is leaking huge amounts of necrotic energy into the domain. If that wasn’t enough trouble to deal with the sheer forces of gravity unleased by the portal have distort time and crush all within it’s reach.

Known Area Map of Cavitius / Burning Peaks Cluster

The only known settlement to contain survivors is Citadel Cavitius, protected by a shimmering dome that threatens to fail at any moment as piece by piece the land is ripped away to fall into the endless maw of The Serpent.

Within the city three factions have emerged in the power vacuum left by Vecna abandoning his duties.

The city is currently ruled by a powerful Litch with the motto of ‘Magic is Might’.

They are opposed by ‘The Circle’ a Death Cult inspired by the ravings of a insane tiefling. The group oppose all efforts to save Cavitius and worship the black hole in hope that it will end their ongoing suffering.

The weakest of the 3 factions is the remainder of the Cult of Vecna ‘The True Belivers’ who against all odds still prey to, and prepare for the day Vecna the Whispered One will return to save his people.


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