Tasha's Guide to the Planes

A book with more then a few secrets hidden within it's pages


Tasha has mentioned this book a few times during the adventure. She bragged about having it be a ‘best seller’ but that they had gone against her advice in naming it ’Tasha’s Cauldon of Everything’ and cutting out the best bits.

She claims it was the publication of this book which contained names and spells to summon and bind beings of the upper planes that lead to her being dragged into Ravenloft – a matter she claims to be ‘most unjust’ being that copies of her The Demonomicon which did the same -and more for the lower planes have been spreading around the Multiverse for decades with no such punishment!

While it’s full powers are unknown Tasha has been known to banish creatures into the book – causing them to be trapped in The Place Within

Koran was the first to discover this, learning that the book contained a number of magic creatures including Koraboros the Pit Fiend, Madryck “Her”, Akanloths, Vampires and a assortment of creatures from across the multiverse.

Tasha's Guide to the Planes

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