The Multi-Tool

The Ultimate Spelljamming Accessory


The Multi Tool is a sentient magical item that reads the mind of it’s wielder and reshapes itself into whatever tool or device is needed in the moment.

The device replicates the ‘perfect’ tool for the job giving double your proficiency bonus (aka expertise) to any checks using it.
When using it to perform a ability check you had advantage on the roll as the Multi-tool reads your mind and works to ‘guide you towards it’s best use’ (giving the help action on the check).

If turned into a weapon or shield it can replicate a +2 weapon or shield of which the wielder is automatically proficient and once per round can be used to get advantage on the attack.

While anyone can pick up the multi-tool – as is required for a emergency situation it’s full capacity requires a long rest spent reading the manual to unlock it’s more powerful effects.


There’s a tale told in bars across Realmspace of the Muti-Tool. While the inventor is unknown these devices are prized amongst Spelljammers where often parts are hard to come by and having ‘the right tool for the job’ can often be the difference between life and death in the furthest reaches of Realmspace.

As such they are very hard to come by as being the ultimate life saving aid you’ll rarely see anyone willing to part with them.

Strahd found this when looting the Giff spaceship.

The Multi-Tool

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