Vocar the Observant

The 'Left Eye' and Leader of the Cult of Vecna


Vocar was the highest remaining ranking leader of the Cult of Vecna holding the position of ’Venca’s Left Eye’ and maintaining his temple within Citadel Cavitius

A Believer when all else was failing he was constantly plagued with doubt and his two last remaining minions ‘The Left Back Molar, and K13’ who were frankly idiots.

Prior to Vecna’s return to Citadel Cavitius Vocar had once again been returned to Ravenloft where he had entered a deal with a Consultant to rehabilitate the Cult of Vecna in the hope of restoring the fear and given further power to his followers and ‘restore’ his faith in Vecna’s eye.

This worked to a certain extent, but having once again been reminded of Vecna’s not so great personality Vocar chose to steal from Vecna – feeling to side with the new ruler of the domain having learned the old lesson of ‘you should never meet your hero’s.

Thus Vocar will once again go down in history as Vocar the Disobedient.

Vocar the Observant

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