The Bearded Elf

The poor doomed soul trapped in the torment of being a elf with a bead!


Elves are famous for their clean shaven appearance…
To one elf he discovered to his horror that he might have developed just the tiny bit of five o-clock shadow … for waay back in his family there may have been a scandal with a bit of human blood mixed in.

His fear became such a obsession that he developed the first case of Pogonophobia (fear of Beards) and from his tortured existence grew one of the smallest Elements of Dread – ‘The Hairy Inn’

- Fun fact.. the idea of ‘a elf with a beard’ is so ‘Not normal’ that I couldn’t even get a AI on board with the idea of a certain famous elf sprouting a big beautiful beard! :P

The Bearded Elf

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