Sir Bonesalot

Strahd's Vampire-Skeleton Minion


Strahd von Zarovich created Sir Bonesalot from the long dead remains of a vampire solider from Kas the Bloody-Handed’s army that he found in the The Ashen Wastes.

Strahd was ‘wearing’ Sir Bonesalot in order to give his ‘ooze form’ a solid surface but later sacrificed him to avoid a fire breath attach from some dragons – in the end Strahd animated the bones of Sir Bonesalot to attack Assterion leading to the skeleton being damaged beyond repair.


Sir Bonesalot appears to have once been a vampire. He was found in the remains of a strange machine that had crashed into The Ashen Wastes. and his uniform showed a patch confirming that he was once in the service of Kas the Bloody-Handed

It is unknown how long ago he died or who he was prior to being raised as a skeleton by Strahd von Zarovich

Sir Bonesalot

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