Norran d'Cannith

The Great Engineer cursed to tend the Morning Rail


Norran was found in the Labs of the Morning Rail and has a ‘odd’ relationship with Dannel ir’Wynarn who protects him at all cost claiming that he is the only one able to repair and maintain the train. It’s clear he’s quite mad and not slept in at least 20 years.

Norran offered to cure Daniel Daybringer and Strahd von Zarovich of the Aboleth disease. Strahd refused but Daniel accepted and was turned into the first Cyber-Tiefling as he had his lungs replaced with a set of Ventilating Lungs and the top inch of skin removed and replaced with metal.

After exploring the train Strahd von Zarovich discovered that Norran had turned Dannel ir’Wynarn into a Warforged and bit Norran, draining him before turning him into a Vampire Fledging moments before the damage to the train caused by Vecna the Whispered One lead to the train derailing and crashing.

Norran was one of the few survivors, he was found on the edge of The Carnival of Dread cradling the last remains of Dannel ir’Wynarn however being a vampire he was beheaded by XX with his last wish being granted by Madam Isolde ‘Boss of the Carnival’ to give his body over to Dannel – who’s metal form merged with his to become a headless vampire controlled by the docent it carries around in it’s hand.


Norran was in love with Queen Dannel and promised her a peaceful solution to the war if she would fund his work to make a better warforge – one that was smarter rather then bigger and could out-think the enemy.

Queen Dannel was a good leader but she also was vein enough that she did not want to conceded the war and so agreed and grew to rely on Norran and gave him and his father all they needed – while at the same time taking Norran’s word over that of her closest advisers.
His hard work payed off in the creation of a new kind of Warforged, one that was smarter and could think better then any human!

Little did he know that his invention would doom all of Cyre and change the course of history in Eberron forever.

Norran d'Cannith

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