Professional Cultist hired to 'save' the Cult of Vecna


Norm is a extremally attractive pink skinned Tiefling who was summoned by Vocar the Observant on the promise that she could save the Cult of Vecna from obscurity by modernising Venca’s image – including a total rebranding effort, cross-promotion and a whole new look.

While Vecna the Whispered One was not all that keen on the idea he was eventually tempted into seeing what new outfits had been made for him.. after a successful makeover and promises that having his name on the lips of ‘the right people’ would soon have him considered the ‘ultimate BBEG’ Vecna made the mistake of trying to harm Norm causing a pre-set Rune to ‘void’ the deal and summon her away using a rune with the telltale markings of the Fraternity of Order.

It appears Norm has some very powerful friends indeed… for soon after her visit it was announced that Vecna was to be the Big Bad in the next season of Stranger Things, was namedropped on a top rating show on Amazon Prime and ‘celebrated’ by Wizards of the Coast complete with his new look…


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