Madam Isolde 'Boss of the Carnival'

Mysterious Protector of the Carnival of Dread


Isolde’s caravan is always found at the centre of the Carnival. She is a being of great annoyance to the Dreadlords who know not her name but only of the strong influence radiating from the heart of the Carnival of Dread which is able to freely move in and out of their domain REGARDLESS of any attempts to block or deny their passage.

Any Dreadlord who has the Carnival within their domain feels the constant presence of a Divine Hand at play a bright spot in their domain blinding their sight and making it beyond their control. Many Dreadlords have tried to send minions to invade the Carnival only to lose them or fail in the attempt before the Carnival once again moves beyond their reach.

Those who have visited The Carnival describe her as a Elf who all but glows with the power of the Feywild who dresses in many layers of skirts and silks and has curly dark blue hair that softens to green and her richly coloured skin glows with a inner radiance – however like most Feywild folks her appearance changes with her emotions. She always appears surrounded by dancing motes of rainbow light and colours become brighter and richer and the light brighter the closer you are to her. Some think her a Feylord…others native to Ravenloft who have no awareness of the Feywild question if she is not some demon Lord hiding her true form? This begs the questions about how such a being became a Dreadlord – but those who are native of Ravenloft know to fear the Carnival folks and their ‘master’ who is said to have the power of ‘twisting’, it’s said that to be amongst them too long would turn you into a ‘freak’ just like them.


Little is known about Isolde except that she appears to be on the hunt for The Invisible Person and has tasked a party of adventurers lead by Original Daniel Daybringer to track him down after one of his plungers made it’s way to The Carnival of Dread

Madam Isolde 'Boss of the Carnival'

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