Alberta of Athas (Drowberta)

Co-Dreadlord of Cavitus, Litch and Former Apprentice of Vecna and Dark Ruler of Athas


A Litch who appears as a yellow haired young elven wizard. When Vecna abandoned his realm she took over and with her army of simulacrums was doing her best to hold the Domain together against the forces of the Black Hole that is set to destroy it.


Alberta Banana was once a elven wizard who long ago acquired a copy of the Tome of Stilled Tongue giving Vecna the ability to keep tabs on everything she wrote within it and to leave messages to her at midnight.

It’s unclear who was cursed with who, Alberta loved having a pen friend, and Vecna was stuck dealing with a young elf sharing her hopes and dreams with him.

What Vecna doesn’t know is that this is NOT the real Alberta but one of her many Simulacrum’s who managed to develop their own personality and sentience in the years that followed the ‘same but better wish’.

Alberta of Athas (Drowberta)

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