Like Taxes, only nicer!


Death is known to reside at the End of Time where he maintains the The Deadbook that marks the seperation between those who have ‘died’ and those who are ‘dead dead’ and never to return.

Many years ago Daniel Daybringer‘s brother Dan used a Wish to ’bring Daniel back to life’ which transported him to the End of Everything. He managed to eventually convince Death to make a deal to remove Daniel from the Deadbook PERMANTLY.

Unfortunately for Death this also means that he’s had to deal with Daniel repeatedly over the years for every time Daniel reaches the end of Everything Death has had no choice but to send Daniel back in time again.


Death appears to reside at the End of Everything marking the point where life as a whole ends.

He is known to have a ‘granddaughter’ named Susan and in some cultures it’s considered ‘traditional’ for him to come to collect the lives of those who have died.

It’s said that Kings, Witches and Wizards all are visited by Death, however as yet the only character who claims to have met him is Daniel Daybringer.


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