Queen Dannel of Cyre

The Last Queen of Cyre


Dannel ir’Wynarn is a young women with blond curly hair, she is beautiful with a fragile quality to her gestures and a haunted expression. She dresses in strange garb, a military coat and slim skirts and practical shoes. An accomplished musician, poet, and diplomat her simplicity seems at odd with her station and the renown given to her by the people abord the train.

Strahd von Zarovich was immediately entranced with her beauty beliving her to be his long lost love, surprisingly this was something encoraged by Dannel – much to the horror of Vecna the Whispered One who found the whole display disgusting.

It was only when Strahd von Zarovich at last tried to feed upon the young women that he learned her secret.. she wasn’t human at all but a construct built by Norren to mimic her face and memory but programmed to love him above all.

Safe to say this didn’t end well.. Strahd turned Norren into a vampire and destroyed Queen Dannel .. the last remaining pieces of her warfoged brain surviving the wreck of the train only for Norren to be beheaded on arrival at the Carnival.. But not without giving a last gift, with the blessing of Madam Isolde ‘Boss of the Carnival’ the wires of Dannel’s body merged with the flesh of the ruined Vampire, her mind controlling the body in a horrific puppetry of life.



Queen Dannel the last ruler of Cyre who was saved by Norran who had somehow gotten a tip-off about the disaster to come and has held a carrage for her to escape. Her fault was that she trusted too much in House Cannith’s machines and ignored her own people and eyes when it became obvious that the only way Cyre would survive was to make peace!

It was only years after the train was dragged into the Mist caught the mist of the Mourning that Dannel figured out what had really happened, the super-Dolcent AI that Norran had built and she had come to rely on over even her most experianced advsors had gone rogue.

It had been lying about them being close to victory and instead had chosen to have them lose while all the time building a weapon to destroy Cyre – all to fulfil it’s programming to find a peaceful end to the Last War -* it was never programmed not to kill!*

The horror and betrayal was too much for Queen Dannel but when Norran found her dead he couldn’t let her go.

So he put his work to his finest piece of art – to rebuild her again as a new kind of warfoged, one so perfect you would never tell that they were not human!

Yet she remembers and so while programmed to love Norran, Queen Dannel cannot stand to be around him lest she tell him what she learned.

She instead puts her focus into those precious few who she believes are all of the Eberron people (from inside the train there is no end to the Mists and so no clue to tell them that the war is over) – against the world outside – the train only protected by the force-shield of cracking electricity and necrotic energy that requires them to travel at 100 feet per second or risk the mist trickling in.

Queen Dannel of Cyre

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