Original Daniel Daybringer

The Daniel Discovered in the Prison in Cavitius


This earlier version of Daniel Daybringer was first nude and chained up in the dungeons of Citadel Cavitius and was missing his right arm. Daniel is ‘The first true immortal’ making him highly valuable to the remaining survivors in Cavitius as a endless source of food – and blood with the Alberta of Athas (Drowberta) making a weekly visit to regenerate him back to full health each week to continue the cycle again.


Long before becoming a Dreadlord Daniel once went though a stage where he thought it was a GREAT IDEA to destroy the world and re-make it to bring back his family. Somewhere between being trapped by Alberta underground in a maze for quite a few years and winding up on a Spelljamming ship alongside Greengrass and Faylen Daniel had a mis-adventure in Ravenloft that landed him in the dungeons of Citadel Cavitius on order of Alberta of Athas (Drowberta) where as time passed he became the base of the ‘Daniel Based Economy’.

Having since been left behind alongside Vecna the Whispered One and Alberta of Athas (Drowberta) his current status is a mystery, however we know from the existence of Daniel Daybringer that he must have eventually found a way to escape to continue his adventure before becoming a Dreadlord in his own right.

Original Daniel Daybringer

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