Daniel Daybringer

Daniel the UNdeadable


Daniel the Daybringer a man with a never ending life as death hates him. One of the ‘New’ Dreadlords this Daniel can be identified easily by the fact that he recently had his skin replaced with metal creating the first ‘Cyber-Tiefling’ however it was not without side effects…

The Party has yet to visit Daniel’s Domain of Dread, however it’s known to contain Hamstercows which Daniel admits may have been ‘a mistake’.


Daniel the daybringer a man with a never ending life as death hates him.

Where has Daniel been/done – in order.

All events of the ‘original campaign’ up to level 15.

At level 15 Daniel was ‘trapped’ in Alberta’s basement

Daniel then escaped only to later be ‘banished’ to Ravenloft at around level 16.

The Party would later come across this version of Daniel Daybringer in the dungeon of Citadel Cavitius having been imprisoned by Alberta of Athas (Drowberta) where he provided a never ending food source as the ‘only living thing’ – becoming the basis of the ‘Daniel Based Economy’ with the Drowberta regenerating him each week to start the cycle over.

His mad-rantings reached the ears of DarFunkus who belived Daniel to be a prophet. Leading to the formation of The Cult of the Circle who believed salvation would be at hand when all was destroyed and made over again.

Daniel would later escape Ravenloft and show up again at level 17 during the ‘Spelljamming Mission’ to go pick up the original Alberta Banana from Athas – his adventure would then continue into the new campaign.

Then, at some point he was once again banished to Ravenloft.. he found his way to The Carnival of Dread making friends before venturing out to make his own Domain of Dread.

Some time after creating his domain he showed up unnanounced and somewhat unwanted at the meeting of the Dreadlords – and thus he became a member of the Domain of Dread Council Meeting.

The Meeting of Dreadlords
Shou Lung
The Elements of Dread Cluster
Timor < Daniel defeated the ‘mean girls’ by having ABSOLTELY NO SHAME
Strangerville < where you guys fought the drain monster and Daniel was charmed and diseased by the Abloeth.

Daniel then had a lovely night stay in a well with a person wearing a big fluffy pink robe who was constantly insisting on moistening him and hosing him down… which was super-thoughtful the only downside was they had a annoying dog. Daniel arrived the next morning wearing a fishbowl on his head to keep him hydrated.

The Mourning Rail < This is the GHOST TRAIN, here you where cured of the aboleth disease and had your skin replaced with METAL by Norran d’Cannith. You also met Bruce but before you could save him the train was crashed.

..after this Daniel went though a very dark time.. but in the moment of giving up you where hit with a clue towards salvation – literally as a Carnival Flyer got stuck in his face.

Daniel was however tempted by a darker path..one that promised revenge..

However he didn’t feel up to that and so followed the flier back to The Carnival of Dread where he was amid friends and got to catch up with the survivors of The Mourning Rail including Bruce’s ‘lost love’ who managed to escape to join the Carnival.

He also met old friend Amelia ‘the vampiress’ and made a new friend in Mollymauk Tealeaf.

Here Verdan Crowle had been was tasked by Madam Isolde ‘Boss of the Carnival’ to track down The Invisible Person to repay the debt of murdering Norran d’Cannith. Daniel decided to help.

The party where given 3 Pumpkin LanternsPumpkin Lantern to help them on their quest.

So Daniel set off with Mollymauk Tealeaf and a few others after being told that before they could seek out The Invisible Person they would first need the help of a dangerious Dreadlord Dreadlord of Shadows?
Domain of Shadow. Here the party found themselves following clues into a library to be taunted by a shadowy figure who seemed to be able to move from shadow to shadow. Verdan destroyed one of the lanterns before you found a Githyanki Mining Company Fish-Suit

Daniel Daybringer

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