Captain Adelaide Cholmondeley

Commander of the remaining Giff forces in Castle Ravenloft


Captain Adelaide Cholmondeley is a large Giff (Space Hippo like creatures native to the Spelljammer setting) who commands the last remaining forces of the Giff platoon that crashed into Castle Ravenloft during the events of Curse of Strahd in Spaaaaace!.

She features in The Fight for Castle Ravenloft – Round 2 and The Fight for Castle Ravenloft – Round 3

She oversee’s two privates in holding the zombies and ‘monster’ at bay admitting that she knows she is likely to die here but refusing to give up her mission to ensure the Mad Ultraloth does not escape.

Her last two remaining troops:

Private Boots:DEAD

and Private Nobbs:DEAD


After Strahd attempted to charm her he learned that she had a Plasmoid wife who shared some resemblance to Strahd’s ‘blobfish form’, however the relationship is now on the rocks after a sending spell arrived on her stone showing her wife sexting a different plasmoid.

Her day went from bad to worse when Strahd released the Mad Ultraloth who set fire to the room, and instead of helping the vampire trapped her and her troops in a Dome of Force where all three slowly burned or where suffocated to death from the smoke of the fire.

Captain Adelaide Cholmondeley

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