Alberta ‘Banana’ Banathantis

Legendary Mummy Lord Wizard and First Patron of the Undead.


Alberta Banana was a adventurer and apprentice of a number of famous wizards including having a long term pen friend in Vecna the Whispered One.

Often mentioned by Daniel Daybringer she both adventured with, and later came to capture Daniel multiple times across history.

She’s known to still have the Eye of Vecna the Whispered One and has most recently vexed Vecna by travelling to the Accursed Archive with it.

However a version of her later showed up in [[Cavitius | Cavitius]] and it appears the two have made up…’s unclear what will happen if and when Vecna discovers that Alberta of Athas (Drowberta) is actually a Simulacrum who managed to become a Litch after being left behind on Athas by the Real Alberta.


Daughter of Aladrin Benanthathis the Elven King of Earlaan Alberta Banana was unique amongst wizards to channel magic from the plane of negative energy and to have possessed the trio of artifacts known as The Gatekeeper Stone, Ahkon Stone and Mythril Stone. Alberta was was responsible for the death of 3 Solars and the creation of Nightmare the Legendary Space Hamster and indirectly led to the creation of the Greengrassverse. She is known to have cast at least 1 10th level spell and in more recent years is responsible for multiple acts of high magic including the Pyramids and Mythal over the desert of the remains of the Kingdom of Earlaan and the Pink Sun and transforming of Athas. She is also one of the few known to have travelled to and from Sigil against the wishes of the Lady of Pain and one of the few to escape her Maze. Alberta holds the record for the youngest known Warlock Patron forming her first pact at 263 years old and the first to form a pact to draw undead powers from the Negative Energy Plane.

Alberta is known to wield over 100 spells many unique and unknown inverse spells of which the most famous is Mage Boot but she’s also been known to use Inverse versions of Sending and Banishment to strong effect. Her unique spells include Collect Call and Broadcast – an extended and enhanced version of Sending and Split Soul – a deadly 8th level spell designed to aid in high level magic that when incorrectly used by the Bard Greengrass split himself into thousands of alternative versions. Having become mummified via magic Alberta shares many of the same resistances and features of a Mummy and claims to be a ‘Psudolitch’ in that she is a high level undead spellcaster…until she was true-resurrected after sacrificing herself to cast a reverse-timestop creating within the timeless/magicless void of the Plane of Negative Energy. This spell would later be known as Temporal Shunt.

Eventually a Alberta of Athas (Drowberta) completed the ritual to become a fully fledged Litch and the original Alberta had herself True Polymorphed BACK to her undead form having long forgotten the many petty annoyances of being a living creature that she avoided in becoming a unead.

Alberta ‘Banana’ Banathantis

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