Campaign of the Month: February 2023

The Domain of Dread Council Meeting

Teen Drama!

The Dreadlords have to face the horror - of highschool!

Strahd von Zarovich and Vecna the Whispered One where not in the best mood after the events of Lost in the Mists, nor did it help that they had somehow managed to lose three of their companions – one wasn’t to be unexpected being that there weretotally invisible, but Daniel had been there just a moment ago!

Still all would be well if they could just track down Tasha the Dark (Iggwilv the Witch Queen) and maybe after they could regroup and plan to ride out and do it right this time!

First though they would need to survive whatever horrors that lay before them.. the mists parting to show a footpath.. as they walked down it once again there was a sense of change as they felt themselves shinking and warping..into younger versions of themselves.. Strahd’s clothes transforming into a pair of baggie jeans and a hoodie while Vecna gained a black trenchcoat and outfit that looked entirely from the nearest Hot Topic. This … was not what they expected.. and as they looked down at themselves in their strange clothes the mists drew away to reveal that they where not alone here… for they where in some kind of strange room where benches raised up to the ceiling level… and the ground below shiny and slick underfoot..

They felt eyes upon them.. from every direction as people, all young and all oddly dressed (in your classic teen getup) where watching them.. well almost all.. some where circled around at the far end of the room.. a girl crying out “No.. no…… leave me alone!” as the girls pointed and laughed “Omg.. Like what are you wearing? That is like.. so not inDid you’re mummy make that?”

Vecna had no interest in helping.. why would he? But Strahd stepped forward.. his pre-teen voice squeking slightly as he called out to tell them to stop…
In shock he saw that they where clustered around a chubby goth girl with brown hair.. her makeup the same as Tasha.. but smeared from crying…

Before he could question the leader of the pack, tall, shockingly beautiful and utterly cruel turned to him “Shut up nerd….” and before he knew it Strahd was surrounded..
Vecna too as from the bleachers more and more of these teens were coming down to hurl insults.. and worse.. question them.
“Like.. why are you even here?” One of them asked Vecna, his dour mood turning to shock as against his will the information was pulled from his mind… only to be shouted at FULL VOLUME to everyone to laugh and ridicule him for.
Strahd also felt the tug on him.. the reaching feeling of multiple creatures trying to drag away his most precious, most embarrassing secrets.
OMG did you like know that Strahd isn’t even the oldest vampire.. he made it up sayin he was the first V-A-M-P-Y-R.. HA HA HA HA HA!
The laugher was horrible, lashing out the teen bullies where easy to kill.. but there was just so many of them!
Hundreds.. and each one coming for them as Strahd summoned a swarm of bats to attack, screams mixing with the cruel laugher.
Vecna as a god of secrets felt the greatest fear of all… for what was a god of secret if you couldn’t KEEP THEM TO YOURSELF.
As Strahd tried to help Tasha up and Vecna tried to kill as many as he could by magic it seemed a hopeless fight until suddenly the doors were flung open.. a bright light as he appeared.

All eyes turning… as Daniel Daybringer walked in the room.. wearing nothing more then rags, a pair of underpants upon which was written ’Honk if you love the Awesome! In Infernal and a smile.

The creatures rushing towards him… reaching to drag out their secrets and yet Daniel simply strode towards them, unafraid and totally immune from the psychic damage because unlike the others Daniel had a unique superpower.

Daniel Daybringer, had absolutely no shame!

So as the teens asked questions he answered, telling them EVERYTHING they wanted and more.. he was unstoppable, the others.. who didn’t really like Daniel all that much could only watch in awe and then move to escape as he held the crowd.. circled by hundreds of them.. hundreds of the teen NOTHICS drowning on every word..

It’s not every day that two of the most powerful spellcasters (and Strahd) have to turn tail and run, but tossing a Fireball behind them the three waited, Tasha sneaking a look back as they stepped outside of the school grounds called upon her dark powers to lob a Meteor at the High School.. a large fireball dwarfing the one cast by Strahd fully consuming the school and the Hive with it. Weakened but alive the three of them started to make their way up the hill.

“I admit.. the School was my idea.. but that was not how I left it” Tasha said, looking down at herself she frowned and then drew her hand up, drawing upon her Dark Powers to turn herself and the others back to normal.. for they where in her realm now.

Still it was disquieting, not all was as she left it…