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The Domain of Dread Council Meeting

What's In a Name?
Koran learns a valuable lesson

Koran had no idea how long he had been fighting, but he had no intent to slow down as he rushed towards the the Pit Fiend blocking the hall as it slowly punched at the ground – destroying the stonework in it’s effort to dig into the lower floor of Castle Ravenloft.

So much evil, so little time! But even broken and wounded Koran would not give up a fight – even as he knew that a Pit Fiend would have been almost his equal at full strength, and having lost a arm and bleeding heavily this was very much not a equal match.

But if he had to die fighting, no matter – he would do it gladly! Striking out at the monster his speed would have to be enough to strike hard before he turned on him.

His divine light burned bright as the creature was half-pinned by the narrow hallway screaming in the dark infernal language over it’s shoulder to the witch who called back in that same foul infernal, demonic language.

Whatever evil they spoke was no matter, for he was single minded in his dedication, still in command of the clockwork animated armor he instructed them to attack the monster, even as their slow blows were ineffective.. Koran could see that his divine blows burned deeply into the monsters flesh.

It felt good, what was more fitting then for a Solar to Fight a Devil… it felt a pure moment.. a clarity that was only interrupted as behind him he saw the witch draw out a thick book…. as she spoke his true name he saw as the page unfolded… again and again to open a portal that tore at his soul.. commanding him to be banished from this plane entirely.

He resisted..
once again he saw her twist fate.. drawing him ever so closer as they fought over his soul.
He felt the pressure slacken, he was going to win but then there was a second voice.. different but ever so familiar calling to him, calling to him by name and as he listened he felt something beyond the portal…
The light was so bright, he’d been trapped in this dark hell for so long that in a moment of weakness he let go.. to be banished back to the upper planes where he belonged.

Tasha watched in shock, she knew binding a Solar would be difficult but she was sure that she had failed.. yet as the portal closed she looked down at the book as the ink traced a portrait of Koran, his name written neatly above his image as he became the newest addition to her book.

Down below Strahd von Zarovich was looking though the remains of the Giff crew who he may have trapped within a bead of force to die but that was in the past, today was a new day and Strahd found himself holding Captain Adelaide Cholmondeley’s wrist-device that he had seen her get messages on. Maybe it was some kind of Sending Stone? Neat! Having found a fine knife and a tiny cube that folded out into a miniature Spelljamming skiff he at last remembered that they were currently hurtling out of control towards who knew where?

Of course! The Helm.. he remembered now that he was supposed to be fixing the ship now that he had Dunena Ried and the Mad Ultraloth under control, and Koran? Strahd realised in that moment that the divine sense of the solar was gone.

Oh – he was dead? No matter! With less competition Strahd drew upon his dark powers to try and gain control over the rest of the Castle, feeling his presence expand to encompass the entire floor – all except the Larder of Ill Omen that remained immune to his charms. Never mind.. “Come!” he called to Dunena venturing back into the Giff Spelljamming Ship and looking at the mess of cables that was the result of his prior ‘handywork’.

This would take forever to solve.. except that he happened to have the perfect tool for the job! at first it seemed a simple matter as the Multi-Tool brought up a complex display highlighting what cable to connect to what, reshaping itself into a laser screwdriver perfect for joining wires.

Strahd was not impressed with all these diagrams and explanations, so reading his mind the display shifted to show a simple mini-game of connecting coloured wires using a basic grid pattern.. this way Strahd could do the job while still feeling like a genius for solving a basic puzzle.

With Dunena’s help reading the display it didn’t take too long to complete the work, but there was still a logo on the display that seemed to indicate a problem.

“Read that for me” Strahd commanded, for of course he had expected Dunena to act as his personal assistant the entire time.

“No chair” Dunena explained as Strahd only then remembered that he’d left the Spelljamming Helm with Tasha! No matter, he’d seen a chair in the other room – and so commanding Dunena to follow they left the Helm and went back into the Castle room where Captain Adelaide Cholmondeley’s wooden chair was burned but still mostly intact.

However when Strahd tried to use The Multi-Tool a series of errors appeared. He was a doer, not a reader so gestured to Dunena who explained that the chair was incompatible.. before mentioning that he’d seen two thrones down below.

Strahd half listening then tried to make the Muti-Tool create a new chair, only for a new series of error messages to appear.

“It says only a Chief Safety Officer or Engineer First Class can do that” Dunana explained, Strahd irritated by this had a simple solution.. drawing upon his vampiric powers he found the bones of Captain Adelaide Cholmondeley and filled them with necrotic energy, raising her from the dead in the form of a skeleton.

“There!” but putting the Multi-Tool in the skeleton’s hand had no effect.. he had risen the body, but the skeleton had not passed the exam needed to wield such a powerful tool.

How difficult could it be? Strahd thought.. before gesturing for Dunena to give it to him. Attuning to the Multi-Tool he ignored the prompt to begin the training program and went straight to the exam.. a complex babble of astrophysics, engineering and spelljamming jargon presenting itself in his mind as a timer started to tick down.

As much as Strahd considered himself a super-genius there was no way that he could bluff his way though the three hour Jiff officers exam.

There was no hope, they would have to study. “You do it” he said to Dunena, forgetting that only one person could be in control of the Multi-Tool at a time.

But it was better then admitting to being a nerd and having to study.

“Am I dead?” For a moment Koran was sure that the Witch had tricked him, but then he found himself sitting in a room, a ghostly figure before him.. grey of hair, a psudodragon curled around his neck asleep.. black robes with purple trim.. warlock? Maybe.. Dead.. absolutely.

“Oh no, not at all .. you are simply a guest”.

This wasn’t what Koran expected, a table set with tea and little cakes, a fireplace setting a warm glow and walls that seemed not entirely there.

“No need to fear, come have some tea” the stranger said gesturing to the teapot.

Koran didn’t know what to say for the moment, he had expected to be killed, to be sent back to the upper planes.. not to be sitting here having tea with a ghost.
But before he knew it he found himself talking, telling this stranger all about how he was so sure about who he was, but now looking back he felt something was missing.

The old man, Madryck was his name listened, Koran expected judgement and yet he felt heard, really heard for the first time as the man explained how he too had made a choice, first to pledge himself in return for magic, then to become a adventurer and finally in his old age to remain in ‘her’ service.

Time passed, the fire burned low and before he knew it Koran found his eyes drawn to a doorway.

Leaving the old man he stepped into a hall, the walls transparent and ghostly as he saw other rooms, other creatures, a goth vampire lying on a bed with strange things on her ears, a trio of witches, some Akanaloths in what appeared to be a lab.. a library.. gardens.. Koran wandered trying to find a answer to a question he’d never before thought to ask.

Who was he? Really..?

All his life he’d considered himself good but though the halls that seemed to glow with their own prismatic light he found himself standing at the end of the hall staring at a full length mirror, his broken wings, missing arm confirming that this was real but for the first time he saw his aura.. it was pitch black!


This couldn’t be! He was a solar! He was good!? He had to be!

He felt a hand on his shoulder, in the reflection a face looked back at him, white hair with a streak of black, the same eyes and strange tattoo of Tasha but he felt the strong sense of Fey magic.. powerful and raw coming from “Her”.

“It is not who you are, but your choices that matter” … her voice was softer, gentle even as Koran looked at himself, truly seeing himself for the first time.

“I wish… " Koran said to the mirror, trying to find the words to express the conflict and regret he wished he could change, to repent, to be better.

“I will grant you that wish” she said, her voice the same as the one that had compelled him into the portal. One he felt knew him better then he knew himself.

Gently she drew him away from the reflection and back towards the hall where on heavy footfalls.. he saw the bleeding figure of the Pit Fiend heading towards them.
Koran felt his stomach lurch as instead of the harsh words in infernal for the first time he heard it speaking as if in common

“Mommy..!?” "It hurt me oh it hurt me so bad… " the monster said it’s heavy voice totally at odds with the simple words.
The monster was looking not at Koran but at the women who looked like “Her”.

Guilt, Koran had felt so sure of himself during the fight and yet looking at the wounds he’d inflicted, hearing it speak he realised that he had attacked first, assuming that the Pit Fiend was out to cause evil and yet as he saw the creature wipe away a tear and shuffle towards them he could not find any excuse for what he’d done.

Hanging his head Koran could only say “I’m sorry”, the bulky form of the Pit Fiend looking down at him.
Just moments ago such a thing would of been impossible, a solar apologising to a pit fiend? No way!

Yet the creature’s mouth opened wide.. “It’s okay” the creature said, eyebrows knitted in deep thought “sometimes we have to go fight and hurt people but that doesn’t mean we have to be mean all the time”. The Pit Fiend turned it’s eyes from Koran to the women who looked like Tasha, feeling boisered as she nodded.

“Do you like Ice cream?” the Pit Fiend asked, Koran was taken aback. Not only because he had no idea what Ice Cream was, but .. was this Pit Fiend wanting to be his friend?
Koran admitted he didn’t know, surprised as the Pit Fiend explained how he had been sent from the Hells to take Mom away but then they’d gone and had ice cream instead.

So instead of fighting Koran found himself accepting the Pit Fiends hand as it guided him down the hall, away from the strange women and towards the sound of a ice-cream truck.

Amongst the many unexpected things Koran had discovered about himself during the hour he was away, it turned out he very much indeed liked Ice cream!

Inspiration Log

Koran lost 1 point using Dark Powers to fight Tasha and the Pit Fiend in the Hallway of Castle Ravenloft
Dunena gained 1 point for convincing Strahd to join him and get everyone to go to the Happy Funtime Dungeon
Strahd gained 1 point for trying to trade with Dunena and the Llamas – apparently Strahd has visited the Domain of Minecraft in the past?!
Dunena used CHARM MONSTER on Koran – Koran is Charmed for the next hour.
Strahd used VAMPIRE CHARM on Dunena – Dunena is Charmed for the next 24 Hours (payback is sweet!).
Strahd lost 1 point using Dark Powers to regain control of the lower floor of Castle Ravenloft
Koran gains 1 point for willingly being banished by Tasha.
Koran gains 1 point and whole bunch of spoilers for Wild Beyond the Witchlight! ;)
Koran gains 1 Wish from “Her” – used to heal all wounds and restore his lost limbs and hit points.

The Fight for Castle Ravenloft - Round 5
Nevermind the Ultraloth, what's up with those Llamas?!

Strahd von Zarovich wasn’t always the fastest on the uptake, but as he returned to the room looking across at Koran the Solar’s arm torn clean off and wings battered and broken a slow hint of recollection as he realised it wasn’t Vincent Von Strudel at all!

“I give you but one chance to surrender Koran” he called out placing himself in front of the dark force bubble staring though the broken doorway at the Solar edging himself forward though the flames that continued to burn everything that wasn’t already drenched in holy water.

Koran all but rolled his eyes thinking ‘Oh crap, now I have to deal with this idiot’ but his eyes were locked over Strahd’s plasmoid form at a the Mad Ultraloth glaring right back at him from within the smoke filled bead of Force that Strahd had cast earlier.

The glowing yellow eyes emerging from the gloom right behind Strahd, who continued to see the creature as his ally and minion, even as all evidence was that the Ultraloth was quite mad and just as likely to attack Strahd as aid him.

Down below Dunena was dealing with his own problems as he tried to tend to his Llama friends Bill and Ted and decide what to do next. Looking up at the very tall, wet and very narrow staircase it seemed quite a bother to go back up especially having run all the way down after being set on fire a moment earlier!

Looking around he saw multiple stairs and a mysterious doorway. He noticed wet sand underfoot and two statues to either side of the room.. but it was hard to concentrate with all the holy water sending hypnotic reflections everywhere. Pushing the door open he felt it stick for a moment then move as if on springs, revealing a pair of ornate thrones looking out onto a flooded room. Dunena didn’t much feel like swimming and so turned away, finding a different path back up.

On the landing he found the remains of Lief Lipsiege but hearing the sounds of fighting hurried back into the room.

“Dude.. I just got rid of the smell of burnt llama!” Dunena Ried called out, his words somehow carrying as the Bead of Force expired smoke billowing out to fill the room with the sickening smell of burnt flesh.

Strahd was about to make a brilliant observation when he felt something stab him right in the back.. the loud crazed chittering in his ear of the Ultraloth tried again to kill him, the attempt to behead him swinging well over what passed for a head in his plasmoid form, then wide again as the Ultraloth tried to hold it’s balance despite missing a arm and leg.

Strahd wasn’t going to hold that against it as he pulled out a Walking Stick and ignoring the creature walked into the flaming room to suddenly rush forward and ‘bop’ Koran on the head.

Koran didn’t even react, the Solar’s eyes were focused entirely on the Utraloth.

Strahd found this most offensive, for he was the BBEG and that deserved respect! Brandishing the walking stick he lashed out at the Solar in a impressive display of machismo. Unaware that he’d accidently tripped a switch in the cane causing the end to shoot a poisonous dart right into Koran’s neck!

Koran felt the poison rushing though his veins, ice cold as it froze him in place..

Unable to move Koren felt his day get even worse as reaching out to find a way to escape he sensed Tasha the witch followed by something very big and very evil enter the Chapel on the floor above them.

This would not do! Koran reached out his divine powers – the armor stands and paintings in the Hall of Faith opening their eyes to Koran as he watched Tasha walking down the hall. Behind her, the hulking figure of a Pit Fiend carrying a large ornate chair that Koran recognised as the one that controlled the Castle.

This was bad, but Koran wasn’t one to admit fear – even when the odds were against him.

Block them, Kill it.. he commanded the amour in the room.
Two drew their swords and locked their shields blocking Tasha’s way. The third stepping between her and the Pit Fiend it’s sword drawn but easily blocked as the hulking monster simply lowed it’s shoulders – the blow hitting the metal frame of the chair instead.

He expected Tasha to put up a fight, but instead watched as she cast a spell.
Koran’s vision went dark for a moment as the magic in the suit of Armor was dispelled, the other eyes watching as the witch simply poked it with a finger tipping it onto it’s back.

Furious Koran tried to grab at her with the other one but she whispered something and suddenly time shifted a moment.. Tasha was now down the hall and the Pit Fiend’s eyes grew brighter… it was if she’d stolen his moment of good fortune and given it to that monster!

UGH! Koran raged in his head, mad in the moment his eyes locked with that of the Ultraloth who like him was also gifted with true sight. The creature reading his madness responded in kind and with a lurch Koran recognised a kinship in this moment.

The mad fury of rage was one shared across race…. and in that moment the mad chittering started to have flashes of sense, the creature was speaking words in every language, all jumbled up and others so strange he had no way to understand them – something about Florida, and Alligators?

We are not the same! Koran raged, denying that moment of connection as he drew on his divine fury to burn the poison from his veins so that he might end these monsters once and for all!

“Mr Grasshopper would you like to ride the Llama?” Strahd said to the Ultraloth confused for why the monster had stopped in it’s tracks, the smoke in the room starting to clear to make it possible to see the shapes of the two Llamas and Dunena coming towards them with arms outraised.

“I have some diamonds, here let me.. " Strahd said addled as time seemed to shift as Dunena started to speak, bringing Strahd and Koran close into a hug as she started to talk about how they just needed to chill and be friends.

Words flew out of the strange man, time seemed to slow as Strahd and Dunena spoke about joining forces, Koran felt drawn in to the words.. he tried to resist but there was just something so likeable about Dunena.. something so.. friendly? So charming!

Koran did not consider himself a monster, maybe if he did he’d have been better at resisting Dunena’s spell!

Strahd and the Ultraloth however remained unaffected, the Ultraloth locking eyes with Dunena seemed to shake in rage shouting mad words as a look of recollection dawned on Dunena’s face before he launched into a long story explaining how he and some other wizards had gotten high and broken into Area 51 then they had a massive party and gone to Florida only he didn’t really want to go there but one of the guys wanted to Wrestle a Alligator and he couldn’t say no and maybe just maybe he’d drugged the Ultraloth…

Koran would have been furious but how could he, Dunena was just such a great guy, and they were the best of friends!

Strahd saw a opportunity here, sidling up to Dunena he drew the man’s eyes to his and called upon his own Vampiric Charm as he wiggled his eyebrows in a most suggestive manner.
Little did he know that Dunena wanted nothing more then to call Strahd one of his very best friends… now if only he could get the Ultraloth to chill out and everything would be fab!

Under Strahd’s command Dunena found himself reaching out to the monster again, reminding it of all the good times they had in Florida.. while tentitive he felt the creature’s fury ease just a little.. but it was unclear if his magic had worked or if the creature was simply too focused on the ever flickering shapes of the Llamas to attack… for to the Ultraloth and Koran who were blessed with Truesight the Llamas where constantly flickering between animal and human form so quickly that Koran felt sick to his stomach if he glanced at them for even a moment.

And so at last the bottom floor of Ravenloft Castle came under a kind of awkward peace, with Dunana suggesting to his new friend Koran that they go upstairs and deal with whatever was casing the bashing sound, dust and small bits of debris falling every few moments with the crashing sound of something striking the floor above.

Unable to deny his friend Koran felt that was a great idea and hurried up to find the Pit Fiend punching a hole in the floor, a quick glance at Tasha who was appeared to be measuring the rooms was enough to figure out that the monster was too big to fit down the stairs – so they had decided to dig though the floor instead!

The Fight for Castle Ravenloft - Round 4
Koran vs T-Rex.. wait what happened with the Ultraloth?!

“Vincent I leave you to stay with my poochie – Adue!” Strahd called out on slipping out of the hatch of the Giff Battlecruser and using his vampire speed to ooze his way quickly though the hallway, slipping under the Mad Ultraloth that he had polymorphed into a T-Rex and past the force-bubble that had filled with thick black smoke.

Koran had little time to think as facing down the monster crammed into the low ceiling and thick stone walls the T-Rex was still a hulking force as it scrabbled at the doorway.. Koran’s confidence in his abilities, yet for a large beast it was shocking quick as the T-Rex rammed it’s head though the narrow doorway and with a CHOMP, bit down firmly on Koran’s Arm. A lucky blow – but Koran realised that not only had the creature bitten him but he was now trapped within it’s grasp. Surely this would be no problem, the Solar drew all his strength to try and wrench the mighty beasts mouth open – but faltered as pain radiated up his shoulder.

“You know I will call my Attack Dog off if you beg me for mercy” Strahd von Zarovich‘s voice eco’d down the hall before adding “That is my way of saying I will not help you. Also BLEGH!”

In that moment the Monster seeing him pinned did what all creatures do with a food stuck in it’s mouth and jerked it’s head firmly to the side, the Solar whipped around by it’s trapped arm, a stickening ‘crack of bone followed by bright points of pain as Koran slammed into the side of the doorway. His wing twisted under him, barely able to catch a breath before the T-Rex twisted it’s head, and effortlessly did it again.. barely hanging on from his arm Koran felt himself slam into the other side of the doorframe, bruised and broken.
Koran knew what he had to do, with his free hand he slipped the lance under the weak point where his arm hung weakly from the T-Rex’s grasp, hot breath in his face as with a firm twist he grunted as his arm snapped, it wasn’t hard to cut away the last of his skin as he reeled backwards.. bleeding profusely and feeling himself light headed for a moment, weakened not only though loss of his arm, but in failure as he watched the T-Rex kick it’s head up just a little and swallow his arm whole.

Further down the hall Strahd was trying to escape, however on reaching the long staircase up from the Larder of Ill Omen he found it covered by the exhaust from the Giff Battlecruser, raw magic radiating out and up the stairs. For a moment he thought about disabling the engines somehow, but alas he had no tool to do so – Strahd mused on this as he tapped his head with the strange alien device he had found inside the ship. Yes, without the perfect tool there was no way he’d be able to pull that off.

Desperate Times call for Desperate Measures, Strahd reached inside himself and pulled out a scroll, turning it over he nodded and then set to casting it – a door appearing before him. Strahd opened the door and stepped though to appear at the top of the castle. Here where long ago his dear Tatyana had leapt to her death. Dust was thick, nor did it feel that anyone had been here in a very long time. Reminiscing Strahd sensed the Castle most strongly here. The THING hung in the center of the room, moving in and out and in a corner was the bed, a set of manacles still lying on the floor. So long, Strahd had no idea how long it had been since he had last climbed the stairs but as he reached out he felt the room respond, welcoming him back into it’s embrace. Strahd drew upon his dark powers, seducing the tower to be his once more, and as he reached out he felt arms circle him, sharp nails hugging him close. Yes, Yes. This was more like it.

The tower relaxed, he felt his awareness reach out as he called upon his Dark Powers, the bats where his, the rooms where his, all but the platform where he felt a dark patch, a place under control of someone else! Strahd called upon the bats to find and hound out whatever it was, for he had already needed to fight a minor vampire and a solar today, and he was not in the mood of being surprised by another claim on his Castle.

From the distorted echolocation of the Bat he heard her before he was able to draw on the senses to see Tasha the Dark casually sitting upon the Throne that doubled as the Spelljamming Helm for Castle Ravenloft, her legs hooked up over the side as she slowly turned a page on a book that she appeared to have been deeply engrossed in.

“Ah Strahd, it’s about time…” Tasha said as the bats tried to fly though the invisible barrier she had drawn around her, then unable circled. As Tasha sat up Strahd was able to make out the title on the book, with horror he recognised the cover of I, Strahd. His best selling (not really) book, she must have found one of the boxes of the unsold copies in the basement.
Strahd raged as she started reading some of it out out “You know it’s not as bad as I thought” Tasha quipped.
Strahd fumed, the bat-familiar squeaking and ranting, yelling at Tasha to get out of his head and stop reading his thoughts
“Strahd, I know you’re angry but with a good publisher, well it might have…”
The bat continued it’s high pitched swearing – in bat.
Tasha sighed “Strahd, I can tell you are upset because you are doing that flapping thing and squeaking, come now turn back and at least be civilised”.

Strahd didn’t turn back, but he did float down to Tasha’s level and glared at her, he could feel the magical barrier set by the circle of runes cast around the helm. If only he had a means to bypass it?
“Come, get out of there and let me drive” Strahd insisted, Tasha simply ignored him and turned the page as Strahd continued to rant about how only he could understand the complexity of the Spelljamming helm. She had been around him long enough to understand that Strahd was primitive, he had no understanding of technology at all.
Strahd finally had the ‘aha moment and pulled out The Multi-Tool.
“What is that?” Tasha asked.
“Ah Tasha, you think you know everything well HA! You don’t know this!" Strahd said smugly as he drew up his tool.
“Strahd my ego is not so big to assume that I know everything that can ever exist, that is why there is always more to learn” Tasha corrected.
Strahd, didn’t have a comeback for this but with the help of his Trusty Multi-tool he slipped though the Barrier.

Down below Koran was still fighting the T-Rex, Koran had speant some of his radient energy to close his wounds yet his arm was still gone and he felt incomplete without it. Clearly the beast was not going to let up and so in a moment of clarity he drew down a shaft of pure radiance, right in the centre of the room where the creature had no means to avoid it. The Radiance burning the creature and dismissing the polymorph spell turning it once again into a Mad Ultraloth.

This, may not have been the best idea as the creature’s mad eyes locked with Koran’s, quickly rushing in it drew a line in the air that formed into a longsword made of pure psionic force and slashed at the Solar, first once, and then twice.. the blows slowed by the fact that the Ultraloth too was missing both a arm and section of it’s shoulder and leg, the fiend and the solar somewhat evenly matched at last.

But now in it’s true form the Ultraloth was much harder to hit, ducking attacks it’s mad eyes peed thought the doorway at Dunena Ried and The two llamas, Koran too had noticed as he concentrated the forms of the Llama’s seemed to shift, flicking from Llama to something else and back again, it was almost maddening until he chose to simply look away. But here was a opening, the Ultraloth stared, entranced at the strange sight before him and Koran made to mightily strikes, radiant energy shining off his lance. The monster having no time to reach for so entranced was it by the strange Llama’s and drugged out human with them.

However it was not to last for long, as anger raged inside the Ultraloth and again it drew out it’s hands calling flames to leap up around Koran, Dunena and the Llama’s, flames filling the room. Screams and bellows from the Llama’s and Dunena before the three of them fled at full speed down the stairs, deeper into the Castle as Koran simply let the flames wash over him, pain was not new and his mission came first. With fury he lashed at the Monster driving it back until finally it looked like he had defeated it.

“Coward!” He cried as suddenly the Ultraloth was gone, but with Koran’s divine eyes he saw the monster reappear, bleeding heavily, but standing defiantly amid the remains of Captain Adelaide Cholmondeley and her crew within the force-bubble that Strahd had used to contain the fire.

Was it really less then a full minute ago that all of this had started?

OOC: Koran has lost 10 Hit Points (and One Arm) – in order to regain the hit points and arm they will need to use a spell like Regeneration.

OOC: Campaign of the Month!
The Domain of Dread Council Meeting is now (in)famous!

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Speaking of which, someone stole our idea and made a claymation that provides a perfect summary of life for Strahd prior to the events leading up to Curse of Strahd in Spaaaaace!

It’s … just too perfect.
The Fight for Castle Ravenloft - Round 3
Who let the Ultraloth Out?! Who? WHO?

Things where not going well.

What had seemed a simple job, to take Castle Ravenloft and destroy it utterly by flying it into the sun had instead left Koran trapped watching as the movement of stars slowed. To him it appeared that over time Castle Ravenloft had slowed down, but in truth it was time itself as Koran had witnessed the sun gradually change hue and then one day explode into a mass of light only to replaced by the dark spot on the horizon.

All of that was gone now. Looking up though the momentary gap in the floor he saw Tasha kicking the side of the Spelljamming Helm as above her the sky was streaked in the multi-coloured glow as the Castle moved between spaces. Had Koran been a seasoned Spelljammer he might have noticed the colours here were darker then what was normally seen travelling between the Crystal Spheres in Realmspace. But even he could figure out from the slight trailing direction of the light that the Castle was still on the move, heading away from the sun and towards somewhere else.

Clearly he would need a new plan to destroy the castle.

Glaring up at Tasha he for the first time was taken aback, for now that he was closer he could see that she had used not only the name he had given her, but his FULL name! Yet he also sensed that while she hadn’t directly lied, nor had she been entirely truthful. Worse was the disturbing feeling that she seemed to know more about him then he did himself.

He needed something simple, something black and white and so once again leaving Tasha to her own mischief he rushed down the stairs in the hope that whatever it was that had given the Castle means to move between words might also provide a way to destroy it once and for all!

Meanwhile down in the Larders of Ill Omen Dunena Ried had long lost track of how long he and Bill and Ted had been hold up in the wine cellar.
Groggy having long drunk the last of what passed for wine, they had been living upon Crisps, dried mushrooms that looked and tasted exactly like potato chips but SO MUCH BETTER! Dunena awoke to the telltail ‘Thum of the Spelljamming engines kicking into gear, come to mention it he hadn’t had anyone bashing on the door for a while, and so decided to go investigate. Stumbling into the hall he didn’t remember it being quite so dusty but as he turned towards the stairs he noticed the telltail rainbow hue and heat of the spelljamming engines.

Lucky that he’d noticed the rainbows where not just his imagination, for had he gone up there he’d have probably been roasted alive by the wild magic energy. “Come Bill, Come Ted” Dunena said wandering down the hallway instead. The two llama’s jostling into place to follow him until he reached a doorway.. opening it to find three hippo-people looking at him with rayguns raced.

“Hey hey it’s just me..” Dunena said putting up his hands to show that he wasn’t a danger. before absentmindedly eating one of the Crisps and offering another to the hippo lady along with his help. However he felt a weird itching sensation on the side of his head as his ear shriveled up and dropped to the floor.

For a moment it looked like a crisp but then started to caterpillar away. “Hey don’t eat that!” he cried out as Ted immediately put his head down to eat it..
Dunena’s command caused the Llama to refrain, the entire room for a moment just watching as Dunena’s ear crawled across the floor and disappeared into a crack in the wall.

Shaking herself out of the revere Captain Amelia’s eyes narrowed in annoyance “Right.. well keep your eyes peeled for the Plasmoid, and try to not die” she said to Dunena.
However tripping on the crisps Dunena just nodded as he grooved though the room, saying words to the effect that he’d do just that while having no idea what she was actually saying.
Whatever plan he had was forgotten the moment he opened the door to the back of the room and stood staring for a while.. the room was full of glowing lights, the ruin of busted furniture overtaken by the patterns in the water that in his altered state was constantly shifting in hypnotic patterns of divine light. “Woooooah!” he said as his trusty Llama’s followed him into the room and started to drink the water. Whatever plan or mission the three of them had was forgotten entirely as all three where caught by the patterns.

Nearby in the Giff Battlecruser Strahd von Zarovich was in a far better mood.
He felt the strange creature trapped in the Brig try and burrow into his brain, but Strahd had charmed enough people in his life to know what it was like and easily ignored the effect.
Searching though the Giff Battlecruser that he’d so carefully crashed into Castle Ravenloft he found stashed in a emergency cabinet was The Multi-Tool. The perfect tool to break open the strange force-cage like effect that was the only thing stopping him from releasing the Mad Ultraloth that he was gambling on would save him from the fearsome Solar that had almost killed him not too long ago. Ignoring the prior warnings of the Giff crew he set about releasing the creature, the Multi-Tool in his hand listening to his thoughts to transform into a glowing crowbar perfectly keyed to counter the Force-field if only for a single moment.

That was all it took – for lashing out the Ultraloth rushed forward – almost being sliced in two as two of the force-fields immediately slammed back in place. But it was too late, with Strahd’s help two thirds had made it free – the monster colliding with the wall as it’s right arm and leg was left twitching helplessly on the ground.

This was fine.. Strahd helped it along to the hatch, opening it only to narrowly duck to the side as the force of the Giff sonic shotgun rung out.
Captain Adelaide Cholmondeley just narrowly missing as she called out at Strahd in horror “You let it out!? I knew we couldn’t trust you…”

Strahd was sure this was just because of the whole ‘Plasmoid Thing’ as he used his vampire speed to slip behind the strange green creature.. just as time it’s burning mad rage focused on Captain Adelaide and the entire back section of the room bust into flames!

This was a problem, because while most of the castle was made of stone and rock the doors, and decorations where most defiantly flammable. Nor did it help that Strahd’s mother had been rather partial to decorating the Larders of Ill Omen with plenty of now very dry and dusty drapes!
Strahd would never admit that he’d never been a fan of them and so seeing the room on fire didn’t upset him, but as the flames started to creep along the woodwork towards the Spelljamming ship who’s nose poked though the wall he had for the first time a moment of realisation:

The engine was still on, and wired into his Castle.
If the ship was to catch on fire or explode so too would Ravenloft Castle!

Unaware of the danger Koran had been following the feeling of power downwards though the ship, now a floor above Strahd he came to the landing looking out towards the Chapel. Koran closed his eyes for a moment.. this part of the Castle had been long out of reach to him while that little fool Assterion lived. Koran focused his divine powers, reaching out extend his control over the castle… he imagined his radiant light spreading out to dispel the evil that had befouled the Castle for generations. Evil was so seeped that the only hope it had was to be totally torn down to nothing and the ground consecrated many times over. Focused as he was he felt content as half the floor grew under his awareness, but he felt a dark spot.. a patch of evil lurking not so far away. Yes, he had to destroy the Castle but first he would DESTROY ALL THE EVIL that festered in his horrid place.

Koran moved swiftly, recalling how long ago he and his allies had fought in the Chapel, the ruins of the battle still told across the floor.
Climbing the stairs to a small room containing little more then a desk, a ledger and two skeletons flanking it there was a little disappointment.
He was ready to smite and yet the room was empty.
Then it emerged from the lower stairs! A mostly bald headed man wearing a extremally dull set of robes and carrying a thick ledger and abacas.
Koran was taken aback for a second. He’d sensed undead but what he saw before him was merely an accountant! For the first time in a very long time Koran focused on the creature before him, his angelic gaze turning to read his aura where he found almost all of it was beige! Where he expected evil what he found was neither good nor evil – but not nothing, for at the edge of the beige was a twisting curl of purple chaos.

Normally this would be good enough, but for Koran he knew chaos without goodness could well lead one to do just as much evil as one who was lawful yet evil.
Koran looked down at the creature and drew out his Lance. Whatever it was he knew it had to be destroyed.
But then the creature opened it’s mouth, in a cheerful conversational tone it spoke seemingly oblivious to the rude interruption “Hey, did you know that most lances are made of iron and was designed to be used by a horse.. the most common breed being the Hasselbaink Windsor found around the forest of Bree during the age of….”
Koran felt his mind drift, his entire body feeling heavy as the droning voice went on-and on, it was so.. relentlessly boring that whatever he was doing just slipped from mind.
But only for a moment.. Koran felt then the aura.. different to any he’d felt before. He tried to attack again, drawing upon his holy energy as this time he struck true! However his eyes widened as reeling from the attack Koran watched as the psychic energy caused the monster eyes to glow bright purple, a happy smile upon it’s face as it seemed to grow stronger.. “Yum! I will take some more of that please” Leif said.

Koran’s memories where still a jumble but he recalled now being told stories of a type of rare vampire, one who didn’t dress in eveningwear and could even walk in full daylight and pass for any of the most boring people you might ever have met. His lip curled for this was no vampire but a vampirate! A Energy Vampire whom had the unique ability to bore people to death! His hate fueled his swings as he cut at the monster, divine light slicing though and with a mighty stroke the creature was impaled and powerless before him.

But like all cowards it tried to run, with a ‘poof’ turning to a small cloud of white smoke! Quickly slipping back down the stairs and out of Koran’s sight in the hope that it might survive to feed another day.

On the floor below Strahd watched as Captain Adelaide Cholmondeley and her crew burned.. he could help, fishing in a pocket he pulled out a small bead.
It looked like a child’s play thing until he tossed it directly in the middle of the fire and the Giff. There was nowhere to run, nowhere to jump to as the bead grew.. for a moment passing though creatures and objects like it was a illusion before reaching it’s full size. For one moment it appeared to disappear entirely before the smoke hit the edge and started pooling inside, the the fire cleanly separated inside and outside of the sphere of force. Strahd watched as the two younger Giff started to panic and shoot their guns to try and break open the barrier..the ray-guns bouncing in all directions with Captain Adelaide yelling – no words passing though the barrier as he saw her start to try and smash the barrier.
Strahd watched, enjoying the torture as it was her own fault for rejecting him after all!

While it hadn’t put out the fire it had contained most of the danger for Strahd of course considered the Mad Ultraloth a ally and tool that he could use to pit against the crazed Solar. However as it’s mad eyes turned towards him Strahd quickly turned to mist and moved deeper into the Spelljamming ship, easily finding a pocket deep within the ventilation system shafts to hide and wait out his genius plan.

At first he thought the warmth of the roasted Jiff was why the temperature had risen but then in a hiss of stream and straining pipwork it became clear that in his haste he’d allowed the Ultraloth to set fire to the interior of the Spelljamming Ship! So worried was he of the Solar that Strahd had forgotten the very real danger of fire + engine = very big explosion! Not to mention that he was a long way from Barovia where being killed just meant needing to hang out as a spirit for a while before sneaking back into the Castle to heal up in his favourite coffin.

Still most people forget that Strahd is also not too shabby a wizard.. flowing out of the vents he reformed and drew upon his magic to cast a spell to blow the fire out.
Of course being magical fire this was a bit more tricky.. and as Strahd forced the fire back he realised far too late that the ventilation system he’d been messing around in lead directly to the engine! Strahd was so sure that he could do it that he did it anyway!

…only by inches did the flames miss the key intakes that would have ended in tragedy as Strahd found himself still looking at the magical fire as it continued to spread. Hiding didn’t help, the Mad Ultraloth just started a second fire closer this time to the engines.

If only there was some kind of tool perfectly designed for putting out fires? He looked down at The Multi-Tool that he’d been carrying reshaped itself into a large red cylinder with a strange flexible hose with a trigger like some kind of crossbow. What is this?! He thought.. his finger moments from spraying himself with the fire extinguisher.
Feeling Strahd’s confusion the Multi-Tool reshaped itself in line with Strahd’s wants into a more primitive form.. a humble bucket of water which Strahd splashed over the fire.. the magical properties of the Multi-Tool easily spreading to cancel out the effects of the spell and soon the fire was gone. Lucky for all the ship was designed for the occasional explosion in it’s hold as the Jiff where more then a bit obsessed with gunpowder. Yet it was clear that meddling with the ship was a dangerous prospect.

But leaving would mean needing to face both the scary Solar, and the very insane pyromaniac Mad Ultraloth!

Speaking of which… Koran was hot on the heels of the escaping Vampirate, heading down the halls he caught the creature as it stood on the stair just above the pooling holy water. The pathetic creature seemingly in no hurry as it slowly rolled up one pants leg… it didn’t even get a chance to cry out before Koran stabbed it in the back, a easy kill and yet in the moment of death a great rush of psychic energy was unleashed as all the energy the creature had stolen rushed out, all at once buffering Koran and even reaching so far as to Strahd who felt first the pain and then a great sense of relief. For long before Strahd had become a vampire there had been Lief Lipsiege, always going on about the accounts and taxes for as long as he remembered. Strahd would not admit that he had gone to great lengths to avoid having to deal with Lief, nor did he dare enter the mans office for worse was the energy drain of being around him was the nagging about taxes, insurance and accounting. Strahd felt a great weight lifted, for while it meant the Solar was likely near and out for his blood, it also meant he’d never have to listen to another lecture about taxes.

Strahd could almost thank the Solar for that.

However he was having a less fun time with his friend the Mad Ultraloth as it continued to try and attack him and make a mess of the place. Thankfully as a ooze he could quickly slip around him to avoid the attacks and repel the gaze of the mad creature.

Koran was unaware of the danger as he found himself looking at the strange sight of the Man lying across a par of Llamas blissed out of their heads. For a moment Koran had felt that he should judge their brazen drug use, but then a vivid memory – him long ago at a welcome gala for the queen of the Fey. He’d taken a piece of cake and ended up high as a kite the entire night. Koran remembered the shame he had felt, for he was sure that it was the end of him. He’d failed his duties – yet when he’d gone to repent he’d been shocked to be told that he’d been chosen by the Queen of the Fey to be the Envoy because he had been the only one willing to ‘have a little fun’.

Distracted as he was Koran opened the door only to see first the hand of Captain Adelaide Cholmondeley pressed against the invisible barrier of the dome of force as she choked on her last breath and slid to the ground. Koran’s angelic eyes seeing all as he noted the dead bodies, the destruction, the monster – for some fool had let the Ultraloth out! What idiot would have done such a thing? but Koran’s angelic eyes were quick to notice the slime-like creature lurking behind it.

At Last! Strahd thought, drawing upon his power he thought back to many happy childhood memories of reading every book written about a mad-wizard who tried to make a tourist attraction in Chult, a park of Dinosaurs! Strahd had loved it so and picturing the great T-Rex in his mind he spared no expense in compelling the Mad Ultraloth to take this new form, ignoring that the ceiling and room was unlikely to fit such a large creature. For a moment it seemed like nothing would happen, and then life found a way.

The tail came first.. snaking out as it slammed into the wall, then the Ultraloth’s body started to grow, all but it’s arms at least as it slammed the Force-Bubble that contained Captain Adelaide Cholmondeley and her crew. Slamming into Koran who flew back into the door – wood splintering as he crashed into the fluffy-lumpy form of the two llamas and a hippie “Oww…man…” – but Koran had no time to care for them for the fight was afoot.

Who would survive in the next epic battle of T-Rex Ultraloth vs Very Angry Solar?

Place your Bets for Round 4 of Revenge of Strahd in Space!

Inspiration Log

Dunena gains 1 for inventing Crisps and being the reason why Strahd was able to get to space in the first place
Koran gains 1 for becoming the Dreadlord of MOST of the ground floor of Castle Ravenloft
Koran gains 1 for doing something VERY in character that can’t be disclosed due to SPOILERS
Koran gains 1 for Defeating the biggest evil at Castle Ravenloft – Lief Lipsiege the Energy Vampire!
Strahd gains 1 for using a Bead of Force to replicate Alberta Banana’s Wall of Force ‘ultimate solar trap’ to kill Captain Adelaide Cholmondeley and crew.
Strahd gains 1 for proving himself a real fan of Chultrassic Park!

Fun OOC Fact:
Strahd had a 1 in 20 chance of blowing up Castle Ravenloft this session. Lucky for us he rolled a 3!

The Fight for Castle Ravenloft - Round 2
Strahd vs Koran with a shocking betrayal from Tasha!

Celebrating his defeat of Assterion, Strahd von Zarovich was moon walking though the halls of his castle, clanking the entire time in his new set of plate armor. Life was good, or was until suddenly he felt a disturbance in the force – the powerful force of divine energy heading straight for him!

Koran having sensed the evil of two beings of darkness had moved to defeat both foes at last – flying at full speed from the top of the castle.
Having abandoned Tasha the Dark (Iggwilv the Witch Queen) at the top of the castle thinking her evil but of little consequence he arrived with divine righteous fury ready to wipe out Strahd once and for all!

Ducking though the gap in the roof made from the still ozzing green glow in the dark goo of a crashed space ship that had eaten though the walls and floor of the room below.

The scent of evil was thick from below as he watched Strahd’s beloved pup succumb to the water-logged zombies from where it had fallen though the rotted though floor.
Evil was near ! – Koran drew his shield and lance, stopping just within the doorstep of the corridor so recently left burned by Strahd in his attempts to clear his castle of the sticky webbing left from generations of giant spiders. – cleansing fire! now that was something he could approve of at least.

Meanwhile Strahd was busy looking at the remains of the egg sacks and former adventures who had been devoured by his pet spiders. He found a few useful items amongst the burnt remains but then found himself cornered by the painful divine light as Koran prepared to attack.

Complaining about the brightness Strahd that the strange sensation of his bones trying to escape as the skeletal remains of Assterion knew what was coming for them!

Strahd tried to escape, flying though the windows before using his Dark Powers to seal them up behind him, on the exterior of Castle Ravenloft he looked down to see his Vampire Cow Minions and Commanded them to come to his aid – the Cows starting to climb the walls as Koran rushed back up though the hole in the roof, quickly spotting the armored form of Strahd it was all too easy to dive-bomb the unlucky vampire – the holy lance burning though the dark with it’s radiant energy – making short form of the body and burning to ash as he neatly skewered the vampire to death.

Assterion felt his bones burn away in the light of the divine, nothing more then dust, turned to dust.. floating on the air, no longer alive, but a mind – for as long as he held a Domain of Dread death could not truly reach him.

Strahd von Zarovich of course had snuck down into the toe of Astterion’s body.. as the lance came down he slipped out, using his vampire speed to run away from the VERY scary Solar.

That’s not to say he was scared of course! He couldn’t help but sneak though a secret doorway, stopping to play a very-bass heavy tune upon his Fully Kitted-Out Battle Organ to make OBVIOUS that he still lived, before venturing deeper into the castle.

Taking the bait Koran had previously glimpsed part of the Organ while investigating the complex series of levers and pullies that had been used to create a ‘illusionary’ Strahd in the dining room. Moving into the room ready to attack he found himself instead looking at the remains of a fight over a long dining table, plates, cutlerly and spoons strewn about the place. Strahd’s Fully Kitted-Out Battle Organ also clearly had seen better days with a entire section of the high notes smashed by a heavy blow and burn marks scorching the fine woodwork.

As Koran examined the Organ it started to play…

Beeeee ourrrrrr Guest!.. Be our Guest!….

The pieces of cutlery once again rose up ready to attack as Strahd von Zarovich released his control over the room once again setting the trap in motion – having learned from Assterion that Koran was a solar Strahd knew he was seriously outmatched and would have to ‘give it his all’ to defeat them.

It seemed to be going well as Koran was subjected to more and more attacks from the animated room as he turned his hate upon Strahd’s organ having figured out that destroying it was ‘key’ to breaking the enchantment – and also rather fun! Pushing his divine energy though it a divine chorus rung out.. while deep below Strahd had crawled his way along the roof sneaking though the barred doors to discover a platoon of Jiff had set up in his Larders of Ill Omen.

Narrowly avoiding being shot by the trigger happy pair of Jiff soldiers Strahd von Zarovich instantly found himself drawn to the solid figure of Captain Adelaide Cholmondeley. Here was a women who didn’t shy away from his gooey exterior – in fact she admitted her wife looked must like him and admitting she had met many Plasmoids before.

While up above Koran was forced to drag Strahd’s heavy dining table over himself for cover to avoid the endless hail of sharp knives and spear tipped spoons Strahd was swapping war stories with Captain Adelaide, before wincing and feeling every blow as his family heirlooms were savagely beaten and Koran continued to lay waste to his favourite organ.

Each blow to the organ pummeled both Castle and Dreadlord, Strahd crying out only to be misunderstood by the Jiff Captain who explained how after his defeat they had worked alongside Assterion, Koran and the other party to capture the bald headed green monster and seal it away – Captain Adelaide was steadfast in knowing that while her troop would die when the Castle was driven into the sun, this was the price of a solider.

“Ah!” Strahd interjected.. before promising that if she joined him in betraying the Solar he could teleport her and her crew to anywhere they wanted!

Strahd looked up at her, his gooey eyes so much like the things that passed for eyes that she had fallen in love with long ago when she met her wife… in her heart she did have some regrets, that her duties took her away from her love, and that if she was to die she would do so without ever seeing them again, ever being able to tou……..

… there was a vibrating notification on her sending stone array..
_… from her wife…_
… she pressed it…
_… it was a picture… of a VERY explicit piece of her wife’s jelly like anatomy_
… at first she though ‘oh, naughty!’ and then she noticed the message was addressed to ‘Zafit!’ – a green Plasmoid who owned the Bar next to her wife’s bakery.

In a moment Strahd watched as this handsome yet strong women who was obviously in love with him turned her face from concern, to shock, to UTTER RAGE, seething quietly with a fury that he knew would spill over the moment he opened his mouth again.

Strahd naturally realised this was not a good time and slipped his way over the doorway… a strange burning sensation as he moved though the crack only to find that the entire room was flooded in holy water – had he gone under the door it would have been a VERY painful experience for the water was leaking down the stairs, running along the floor and deeper into the castle. “Hokay” Strahd abandoned that path heading back into the Giff’s quarters and sneaking though the halls – noting how funny it was that when he ruled the castle he rarely actually spent time exploring these parts – and at first being confused by the sheer amount of destruction and strangeness of having a entire spelljamming ship rammed into his Larder before remembering how he had found it in Barovia and against the express wishes of his wives had insisted he could easily back it into the castle and ‘park it’ without any trouble.

The walls very much disagreed… but having found the ‘engine’ he recalled how the Spelljamming Helm had been carefully wired into the Castle – his dark powers forcing wires and cables to slip though the stonework, turning the entire castle into a ship that could fly to space! All to save his dear Titania!. Slipping though his castle he made his way into the Ship, going against the express warnings of the Giff he found the alien form of a Ultraloth trapped behind a multi-layered forcefield and poised to attack.

Here was something that he could use! Now he just had to get the creature on side!

Meanwhile back up in the Dining Room Koran had well and truly asserted his dominance over the room, drawing upon his Dark Powers he took control of the animated objects and set them to attack the Organ. Enjoying every moment as he systematically destroyed everything of value in the room… victory was his…

.. and in that moment the entire Castle started to move… a ‘Thum’ as the Spelljamming engines kicked into high gear as far above at the top of the tower Tasha the Dark (Iggwilv the Witch Queen) sat upon the throne built by Strahd, the Spelljamming helm slipped over her witches hat as she directed the Castle to set a new course.

Fury! Betrayal!

Koran had made the mistake of leaving the Helm unguarded – so focused was he on wiping out evil that he had underestimated the sly witch!

As Strahd tried to reason with the Mad Ultraloth Koran completed his work to root out all evil in Strahd’s dining room before realising that Castle Ravenloft was moving away from the black hole – his mission ruined by that little witch!

Worse, ducking though the roof he emerged to see a arcane ward placed over the Spelljamming Helm, his True Name written into the spell and a circle cast specifically against him. It was only then that he realised that in spelling out his name he had given it to her…and nothing short of a Divine Intervention would be able to break it.

Weary of what effect the spell might have upon him Koran raged at Tasha, asking her what her intentions where Tasha explained that she rather liked the idea of turning the Castle into a School, admitting for the first time that she was not flying the Castle back to Barovia, no – she was taking it to HER domain instead!

Koran alas was not a big fan of the idea of a school for Witches and Wizards.. realising he could not pass though her arcane wards he went beneath.. finding the remains of the other 3 hags he had killed many moons ago – a small smile before he set to work trying to command the Castle to DESTROY ITSELF to rip open a hole under the Spelljamming Helm so that he might take command of it from beneath.

Now this, might have been a solid idea, but Koran felt a force resisting his will.. while Castle Ravenloft was always a bit alive – the tower he stood on was VERY MUCH ALIVE, and like all things acted first upon it’s self-preservation.

As he tried to will the Castle to his bidding far below Strahd von Zarovich too had felt the shift in the Castle’s direction. Unaware of who was driving he could not handle the thought of anyone but him having control over the castle and so remembering the way he and his wives had wired it into the console of the spaceship he was on it was all too easy to cut the wires!

In the process realising that his mission had been doomed from the start – for while his wives where brilliant, they also HATED the idea of going off to rescue Titania! It was amazing the ship had gotten as far as it did in light that neither Strahd nor his wives were Artificers or had ever worked on a Spelljamming ship before!

Far above Tasha found the helm suddenly go dark.


She cursed as back in the Larders of Ill Omen Strahd found himself looking at a mess of wires thinking that now the Castle would stop.

… forgetting that when he first flew the ship that it was not how Spelljamming ships work…destroying the helm does nothing more then destroy the driving wheel of a car already going 100mph!

Rocketing though space, lost in the Mists… what will happen next? In Revenge of Strahd in Space….

Inspiration Log

Strahd : Lost 1 point using ‘Dark Powers’ to seal all the windows on the ground floor of Castle Ravenloft
Strahd: Lost 1 point using ‘Dark Powers’ to command the chandeliers to attack Koran
Strahd: Lost 2 points on rerolls to try and convince Captain Adelaide Cholmondeley to side with him.
Reroll #1 replaced a 2 with a NAT 1, reroll #2 replaced the NAT 1 with a 2 – it appears that the fates really had it in for Strahd that night!
Koran: Lost 1 point using ‘Dark Powers’ to gain control of the animated objects and command them to destroy Strahd’s Fully Kitted-Out Battle Organ
Koran: Lost 1 point using ‘Dark Powers’ to try and tell the Tower to destroy itself – the Tower (Which.. according to the sourcebook WAS ALIVE) refused..
Koran: Gains 1 point for going the extra mile to ensure Strahd’s Fully Kitted-Out Battle Organ was utterly destroyed.
Koran: Gains 1 point for defeating Assterion.
Strahd: Gains 1 point for figuring out that you could simply cut the wires to force someone to unattune the Spelljamming Helm
Assertion: Gains 1 point for hanging around to be a good sport after death

The Fight for Castle Ravenloft - Round 1
Strahd vs Assterion vs Koran in a fight for control of Castle Ravenloft. Round 1!

With Strahd having turned the last two remaining Vampire Cows that hadn’t been defeated by the Invisible Plunger’s of The Invisible Man?? Thing?? Person?? there seemed nothing that could stand in his way.

So flanked by his new Vampire Cow Minions Strahd clicked his fingers at the doors of Castle Ravenloft only for them to NOT OPEN.
He tried again! Same thing.


Elsewhere in the castle Assterion having felt the presence of another vampire was casually walking down the main stairs.. or at least as far as he could before the spider-webs became too thick to pass though requring him to cut his way into the main hall.

With some curiosity he chose to allow Strahd entry into the first room of Castle Ravenloft.. giving him just-enough to come in.. but no more.

Strahd stepped into the castle – his Vampire Cow Minions failing to cross the threshold (for they were not invited) he quickly found his footing unstable as the floor below dropped a full inch as the trap sprung dropping him into a unfinished pit track – the floor level being a illusion which even when Strahd insisted the Cow’s could come in was too much of a challenge for the creatures to pass.

Unable to remember the reason for the pit-trap Strahd assumed it was the new vampires fault.

The two vampires met in the main entry, pillars overtaken by dust, creeping vines and eons of disrepair, thick webbing sticky underfoot and chocking all the hallways leading to the east and south. Strahd admitted that he didn’t remember who Assterion was, but the younger, white haired elven vampire remembered coming to the castle to defeat Strahd.. and then … not.. he abandoned the party only to show up later – taking over the lower floors of the Castle while the upper floors remained in the control of his rival.

Speaking of which… from the tallest peak of Ravenloft Castle Koran had a perfect view of the strangers as they arrived, sensing evil from the strangers he watched as one was thrown over the side of the castle in a bag, a arm, then another clutching a broom reaching out and then a women climbing out and righting herself onto the broom – swearing the entire time as she flew up and towards the higher section of the castle.

Koran was a being of divine faith and it was obvious that this was a witch, a wicked being.

Tasha the Dark (Iggwilv the Witch Queen) meanwhile was having a bad day, having been tossed over the side by Strahd von Zarovich she had no issue making a deal with Koran for his aid in return for saying that she most certainly planned to kill Strahd in return for his bright idea of dragging them along to Cavitius.

Concerning Koran was that Tasha appeared to cast a spell upon him – but feeling nothing he could not read her, leading to the minor mistake of giving her his True Name.

Meanwhile down below a fight broke out between Assterion and Strahd von Zarovich. Strahd being grabbed by the Gargoyles and calling upon his Dark Powers to take control over the Front Lobby of Castle Ravenloft – commanding the Dragon Wymlings to rescue him – this worked but alas as Strahd pooled to Ooze form Sir Bonesalot was destroyed… but not before Strahd could use his bones as weapons against Assertion.

The fact that Assterion couldn’t take him seriously in his ‘blobfish form’ lead to the vampire underestimating the danger as Strahd summoned his Wolves – sicking them en-mass onto the Vampire. Assterion spending his last moment to draw his dark powers to banish Strahd from the castle – but it was too late – Strahd used his Rod of Lordly Might into Battleaxe Form to destroy Assterion, staking him to death.

This should have been the last of Assterion, but adding insult to Injury Strahd cast Animate Dead on him to bring him back as a skeleton – dubbing Assterion ‘The New Sir Bonesalot’ and forming himself over Assterion’s and forcing him to carry Strahd around.

Koran sensing a new great evil and the return of Strahd set out to defeat him.

Strahd meanwhile having figured out that having command over Castle Ravenloft worked on the logic of ‘he who last licked it owns it’ set about taking back control of his Castle. First he tried to clear the hallway – accidently burning away all his family portraits in the process. This didn’t hurt nearly as much as having to attack his pride and joy – his fully kitted out Battle Organ which had been trapped to generate a unlimited number of animated objects until destroyed!

Having one his favourite ‘pug-wolf’ then fall though the rotten floorbords into a pit of zombies was also a bit of a downer.

So after that Strahd was left to explore his castle.

Inspiration Log

Assterion: Lost 1 point using Dark Powers to take back control of the Front Entrance/Lobby
Strahd: Lost 1 point using Dark Powers to become the ‘Darklord of the Front Entrance of Castle Ravenloft’ and gain control of the Dragon Wyrmling’s
Strahd: Lost 1 point using Dark Powers to command the animated objects trap in the Dining Room to stop attacking.
Assterion: Gained 1 point for being totally unable to take Strahd seriously in ‘blobfish form’.
Koran: Gained 1 point for uncovering one of Tasha’s secrets
Strahd: Gained 1 point for voluntarily reverting to Blobfish form/voice
Strahd: Gained 1 point for using the chair leg stake to ‘finish’ Assterion only to rise him from the dead as the ‘New Sir Bonesalot’.
Strahd: LEVEL UP as a result of defeating Assertion – now level 18!

Revenge of Strahd in Space
The fight to take back Ravenloft Castle


Looking to escape the domain of Cavitius Strahd von Zarovich, Tasha the Dark (Iggwilv the Witch Queen) and The Invisible Person flew to Castle Ravenloft which following the events of Curse of Strahd in Space is currently far from Barovia and heading directly into the path of a black hole created by Vecna’s prior escape from the mists of Ravenloft waaay back in the days of 2nd edition.

As Strahd came in to land a horde of Zombie Cows and Vampire Cows rushed to meet them. Tasha near death due to her life being drained by the consent necrotic aura emitted by the Black hole found herself launched into space by Strahd.

Defeating the Cows wasn’t too much of a challenge but more of a problem was discovering that Castle Ravenloft has found a new Vampiric Master in Strahd’s absence.

What other secret’s might be found as Strahd takes on his own castle… in Revenge of Strahd in Space?

Defeat of Vecna
Vecna... defeated by Friendship?

Betrayed by his high priest Vecna the Whispered One at last entered Citadel Cavitius to face Kas, who was assumed to have taken over the domain (being of course his long enemy) .

While Strahd von Zarovich, Tasha the Dark (Iggwilv the Witch Queen) and Original Daniel Daybringer looked down from above Vecna the Whispered One found a bustle of activity as a bunch of copies of the same yellow haired female Litch where working over a map of the Domain, chalkboards and books everywhere as they tried to work out a means to protect the domain from being sucked into the black hole.

In a shocking betrayal of Strahd von Zarovich and everything that it meant to be a BBEG Vecna chose friendship.. meeting his Apprentice Alberta of Athas (Drowberta) for the first time he hugged her and worked with her to finally perfect a plan to encase the remains of Cavitius within a great sphere of force.

Discovering that The Black Hole bearing down was none other then The Serpent who had tricked both of them the pair merged their powers to cast the great spell unaware that in the process they had trapped Daniel in with them.


Escaping just in the nick of time was Strahd von Zarovich who along with Tasha the Dark (Iggwilv the Witch Queen) plan to Spelljam their way to Ravenloft Castle last seen flying towards the sun at the end of the events of Curse of Strahd in Space.

Strahd von Zarovich plans to use the Spelljamming Helm to escape the doomed domain once and for all.

Tasha the Dark (Iggwilv the Witch Queen) knowing her life was drawing short and unable to find Original Daniel Daybringer tried to charm Strahd into bringing her home, but it failed and he again insisted that the solution would be easy – to turn her into a vampire!

Tasha refused and the two continued to argue as they drifted though space, narrowly avoiding a huge gaping worm (not at all stolen from Star Wars) before reaching sight of Castle Ravenloft.

Inspiration Log

Vecna gains 1 for “solving” the chalkboard maths problem of how to save his domain
Vecna gains 1 for the shocking betrayal of choosing Friendship over Revenge – could it be… character growth?
Strahd gains 1 for totally ruining Vecna’s happy moment by dropping a Fireball on Vecna – instantly killing most of the Drowberta’s in the room with him and exposing them to be Similacrums.
Vecna loses 50% of all inspiration points using Dark Powers to create the Great Bubble around the remains of Cavitius trapping himself, Original Daniel Daybringer and Alberta of Athas (Drowberta) inside.
Vecna Levels Up by becoming the co-Dreadlord of Cavitius! – Now Level 18

Vecna has been defeated by his own hand (and friendship) !

A most unexpected ending to a founding member of The Council of Dread.

The Ashen Wastes
Arrival in Cavitius

It is silent, so different to the endless clatter and ear-splitting of screams and twisting metal you just came from.
At first you think it’s still the mist churning, but in time you notice a change in the air, it gets thicker, hotter and smellier with clear notes of sulfur and rotten eggs… with it comes what at first seems to be rain but soon the air is thick and at first you think it’s snowing…but it’s flecks of grey ash blending into a ashen sky too opaque to tell if it is day or night. to the (left) EAST and right (WEST) a deep red glow illuminates the horizon.
Both of you feel a sense of pressure here – Strahd as a gas you notice immediately that the air feels thick – as if it is forcing you down.. and like the ash you mist form struggles against the weight above to keep lift. Where before you felt light here it is as if you are swimming though mud. (DIFFICULT TERRAIN).
Vecna you also feel this but as the mist clears you feel something more powerful – recollection.

You know this place. you know that telltale scent and that the ash that falls like black snow is of the Burning Peaks, the series of Volcano’s, sharp like pointed teeth that for eternity has been as much a nemesis to you as KAS – your most hated rival who’s domain is just beyond it’s peaks.

You are in the ashen wastes… a place of death where the land itself saps the life force of any living thing that is misfortunate enough to venture into it’s endlessly shifting dunes littered with the remains of eldritch machines and the fallen armies from aeons of attempts to invade and battles to hold off the aggressors.

So it’s a good thing that all of you are undead right? ( All eyes turn to Tasha the Dark (Iggwilv the Witch Queen), the only ‘living’ member of the party )

“You”, and only you here a voice coiling though your mind “Vecna, what brings you back here?” you know this voice, it was the voice that taught you the forbidden magics, the whisper in your ear that told the secrets. You know him as The Serpent

Inspiration Log

Vecna loses 1 point to use Dark Powers to summon a very cool black and white horse drawn carriage – entirely made of BONES and drawn by skeleton horses
Strahd gains 1 point for Sir Boneslaot